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Mas Del Bos looping route no. 21/Tursac


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

A loop that follows the meanders of the Vézère at Tursac and leaves the valley to penetrate the thick woods towards the plateaux before returning to the wide plain of the river.
This route offers a short version: 7.5 km for 2h30,
and a long version: 11km for 4h00.

Mas Del Bos looping route no. 21/Tursac

Distance : 10.9 km

Step 1

Departure from the Lespinasse bridge boat stop in Tursac. Cross the bridge and follow the tarmac road uphill. After 200m, take the road on the right, signposted "Boucle du Mas del Bos" towards Le Moustier. The waymarked path follows the GR 36. Enter the wood and continue up the path.

Step 2

A short version is available 2.8 km away. To get back to the starting point, simply turn left and follow the signs for Tursac (short version). A footpath and then a tarmac road will take you back to the starting point. Allow around 1 hour's walk. For the longer version, continue straight ahead. At the end of the wood, follow the signs to the left (possible link with Fleurac) into "la petite forêt", the path climbs again and joins the tarmac road. Turn left and walk alongside the road for around ten metres before entering the wood again on the right. This forest track descends to an intersection near the Madeleine site. The small road on the right leads to the Madeleine site and offers a magnificent view of the Vézère and its meanders. A 1km diversions (AR) to discover.

Step 3

When you reach the tarmac road, turn left. Continue as far as the junction leading to the bridge, which you cross. Follow the signs back to the starting point. The return distance is approximately 1.7km.

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