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Roc de la Pépue looping route no. 23 / Les Eyzies (Manaurie)


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

A family walk starting from the small village of Manaurie, just a few kilometres from Les Eyzies, to discover a variety of landscapes and buildings typical of our region in the cool of the streams.

Roc de la Pépue looping route no. 23 / Les Eyzies (Manaurie)

Distance : 5.7 km

Step 1

From the car park in the village of Manaurie at the junction of the RD47 and RD31, walk alongside the church and take the first path after the presbytery garden on the left. Cross the bridge. Turn right after the signpost.

Step 2

Take the tarmac road to the left for 50 metres, then take the small road that climbs to the left.
At the end of the road, continue straight ahead on the dirt track. You will cross forest tracks, meadows and woods until you reach the RD31 junction. A distance of around 1300m.

Step 3

Take the departmental road on the left for 500 metres. Then head down through the woods on a steep footpath that joins the Labinche valley. Cross the small wooden bridge, continue and turn left towards Manaurie.

Step 4

At the end of the wide woodland path lined with hornbeam and boxwood, follow the tarmac road on your left as far as the main road. Cross the road and take the footpath opposite, which climbs up and passes a house. Continue as far as the crossroads, returning to the village on the right. Follow the signs back to the starting point.

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