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Cycling around the cliffs and caves of the Vézère Valley



Culturel, Historique, Nature (faune, flore)

The Vézère valley is famous for its many prestigious prehistoric sites, 15 of which are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. You'll be cycling in the shade of the cliffs at the start of the route, passing through Les Eyzies, the world capital of prehistory. On the return journey, past the villages of the Dordogne valley, guided by the
From the Audrix relay station, you'll criss-cross the limestone hills above Le Bugue, where the Proumeyssac chasm was carved out.

Cycling around the cliffs and caves of the Vézère Valley

Distance : 44.0 km

Step 1

From Place des Halles in Le Bugue, head towards Campagne on the D703. At the end of the village, turn right along the Vézère, the Parc du Bournat and the campsite, and continue straight ahead on a wide chalk track. Turn left and catch up with the main road, cross it and continue straight ahead on the road opposite. Go up a small hill and then fork right into the heights of Le Bugue. Continue straight on until you reach the banks of the Vézère. Turn right again towards St Cyr, and drive straight on along a track that runs alongside the river until you reach Les Eyzies de Tayac. At the station in Les Eyzies, turn right to go through the village, then exit towards St Cyprien on a small tarmac road that climbs up.
At the crossroads on the hill, take the road towards Meyrals. In the village turn right then left onto the road to St Cyprien, reach the centre and cross it in the direction of Mouzens.

Step 2

At Mouzens fork right towards the "Fromental" and continue through the woods. At the crossroads, turn left onto the D703 towards Audrix for a few metres, then left again in the woods and drive as far as Audrix. Continue past the church, past the Gouffre de Proumeyssac, to a place called "Les Terrasses" and back to the centre of Le Bugue, crossing the Vézère.

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