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In the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux Stage 3: Montignac-Sergeac





From Terrasson-Lavilledieu to Limeuil, where the Vézère joins the Dordogne, the river flows through one of the most beautiful regions of Périgord. This third stage will take you from Montignac to Sergeac. You'll discover the town of Montignac, with its narrow streets and half-timbered and stilted houses. Continue on to Brenac, a hamlet with the typical blonde stone architecture of the Périgord Noir, then on to Valojoulx and its charming Romanesque church. You will then come to Sergeac and its imposing fortified church.

In the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux Stage 3: Montignac-Sergeac

Distance : 17.0 km

Step 1

18-Departure Call sign Place Bertran de Born (near the tourist office). Take the rue du 4 septembre as you leave the square and turn right onto the first street on your right, "Rue du Barry". Go to the end of the street, and at the roundabout go straight on. 19- Take the first road on your right, "Chemin de Gouny". Continue on this road until you reach the 1st track on the left (yellow markings). At the end of the track, go straight ahead on the tarmac alongside a house, then turn right at the crossroads. Leave the minor road at a bend and take the track on the left. Continue as far as the tarmac, then turn right. Go towards "Brenac", go through the village and take the road on the left into the hamlet, and at the exit, opposite the tobacco drying sheds, turn right.20 Go to the end of the tarmac as far as the junction at the end of the hill.
21- Turn right on the track marked "Boucle du Posadou". At the next crossroads, leave the Posadou loop.
22 - Follow the track to the right. When you reach a small road, go straight on, then turn left onto the track leading to the Valojoulx bell tower.

Step 2

23 - Walk alongside the church, cross the square and walk alongside the town hall, then the village hall (water point and open toilet behind the village hall). Continue straight ahead and take the second small tarmac road on the right (green markings).
24 - At the bottom of the hill, take the path that bends to the left.
At the end of the wood, turn left onto the tarmac. At the crossroads, take the road on the right
25 - As you go downhill, turn left towards "Les Brandes". At the fork in the road, take the track on the left. Continue to the end of the track, then take a footpath on the left that plunges into the woods.
26 - At La Voulperie, turn left, then immediately left towards Sergeac.
At the junction with the white track, turn right.
When you reach the small road, turn left and then right at the crossroads. Continue straight on until you reach Sergeac
27 - Arrival at Sergeac

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