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In the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux Stage 5: Les Eyzies-Le Bugue





From Terrasson-Lavilledieu to Limeuil, where the Vézère joins the Dordogne, the river flows through one of the most beautiful regions of Périgord. This fifth stage will take you from Eyzies to Le Bugue. Situated at the confluence of the Beune and Vézère rivers, the village of Les Eyzies is sometimes dubbed the "world capital of prehistory". You'll discover a host of archaeological sites, including the Cro-Magnon shelter, the Font de Gaume cave and the Pataud shelter. There are also a number of information centres in the village, including the Pôle International de Préhistoire and the Musée National de Préhistoire. Then head to Le Bugue via the hamlet of Peuch and the village of St Cirq.

In the footsteps of the Men of Lascaux Stage 5: Les Eyzies-Le Bugue

Distance : 14.0 km

Step 1

43 - Cross the bridge over the Vézère, leave the waymarked path on the left and continue straight ahead towards the road at the bottom of the cliffs (See page...) Turn left onto the road, then fork left, cross the campsite and follow the Vézère along a white path.
44 - At the crossroads with the railway turn right, then immediately left into "Les Eymaries". Opposite the small tunnel, turn right to go up towards the farm. At the farm, take the track on the left towards "Les Eymaries".
45 - Arrive at the hamlet of "Peuch" with its semi-troglodytic houses, continue along the track, then turn right at the road before forking onto a track on the left. Go alongside the pond, then continue towards "Le Bugue" on the left.
47 - BE CAREFUL after a reservoir and a bend to the right, leave the green markings and take the path going up on the left towards Saint Cirq.
At the entrance to the hamlet, turn left and then right at the crossroads (green signs).
Follow this small road to Saint Cirq.

Step 2

48 - At the entrance to Saint Cirq, turn right and walk past the Grotte du Sorcier. Leave the GR® and follow the green markings. At the sharp bend to the left, take the path to the right and then fork quickly to the left (green markings).
49 - At the tarmac, keep to the left and take the track straight ahead at the junction with the tree-lined path (green markings). At the top of the hill, take a small track on the left that goes into the woods, before taking another track on the right under a power line. Stay on this track until you reach tarmac.
50 - Continue straight ahead, then at the crossroads, take the road on the left (green markings). Follow it to the end (700 m), then turn left.
51 - Cross the departmental road 703 opposite (rue du Chai - PRUDENCE) then take the first street on the right, Rue de la Faure Passe. Follow the green signs on the left into Rue du Port. Continue to the right along the river until you reach the bridge in the centre of Le Bugue. Climb back up the stairs to reach the centre of town, or continue along the quay to the end for the rest of the route.

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