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In the footsteps of the men of Lascaux Stage 1: Terrasson-St Amand de Coly





From Terrasson-Lavilledieu to Limeuil, where the Vézère joins the Dordogne, the river flows through one of the most beautiful regions of Périgord. This first stage takes you from Terrasson to St Amand de Coly. You'll discover the old town of Terrasson, built around its abbey overlooking the Vézère, as well as the imaginary gardens that dominate the old town. Further on, the path climbs along a cliff where the chapel of St Sour can be seen. It was in these rocks that the hermit Sorus settled. After the mineral Causse de Terrasson, the path ventures into the woods and runs alongside the Coly, a cool stream that emerges from a resurgence (the source of La Doux) known for its siphon, the longest in France. The stream gives its name to the village you pass through before arriving at St Amand de Coly, a village listed as one of the most beautiful in France.

In the footsteps of the men of Lascaux Stage 1: Terrasson-St Amand de Coly

Distance : 12.0 km

Step 1

To get to Terrasson, leave your car at the station or Place Voltaire. Opposite the station, take Avenue Jean Jaurès up to the traffic lights. Turn left, cross the road and go over the Vézère to reach Place de la Libération and the signpost indicating the start of the hikes. Cross the medieval bridge and take the Rue basse, at the end of which turn right into the Rue Marcel Michel. Go straight ahead and at the end of the street, turn to the left, follow the yellow markers. 1- Pass under the chapel St Sour in the rock. Turn to the left on a track which rises in a hairpin bend along the hill. 2- When you arrive at the road at the top of the hill, take the track along the house to the right (green beaconing), then at the end, turn to the left on the track castiné up to the road. Take the road to the right. At La Talerie, follow the Bouch loop (picnic table and shelter 1.5 km away). This will take you away from the Vézère valley to follow the course of the Coly, its tributary, to Saint Amand de Coly, listed as one of France's most beautiful villages.
3At the junction of the castiné paths, turn left (dir coly, Boucle de Bouch) onto the small path that goes into the woods and up to the road at "Bouch".

Step 2

4-Turn left then take the track on the right (yellow markings) and follow the Coly on the right.5- At the crossroads, turn right, cross the bridge and go straight on as far as Coly. Cross the RD62 and walk along it on the left on the pavement as far as the intersection (approx. 30m); turn right towards St Amand de Coly (picnic table) then left (towards Biat) and immediately right (yellow markings).6 - Turn left onto the small road which climbs into the woods. Go up to the right between the box trees. Go straight on until you reach the tarmac. At the "Mortefond" road, turn right then left (loop of the walls).7- At "Asplat" go straight ahead on the tarmac (Dir St Amand) then turn right and go straight ahead as far as the tarmac. At the tarmac, turn right and follow the yellow signs to the village of St Amand de Coly.

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