VAE, Bike

Itinéraire cycloroute Rouffignac (La Croze), Fanlac (La Blanchonnerie)

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VAE, Bike
Nature (fauna, flora)


Pedal while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes of the Vézère valley and discover the village of Rouffignac commune of the Barade forest located on the highest hills of the Périgord Noir in Dordogne, surrounded by varied nature which offers sumptuous landscapes.
This is where you can visit the Grotte de Rouffignac, also called the Cave of a Hundred Mammoths, whose cave paintings can be dated to the final and middle Magdalenian, i.e. 11 years BC.
The architecture of the town differs from that of the surrounding villages, this is due to its tragic history during the Second World War: on March 31, 1944, the town disappeared under incendiary bombs. Only the church was spared. Arriving in Fanlac, you can visit Kristof Mascher, an exceptional craftsman working with fish leather and admire beautiful houses with slate roofs!
Duration50hElevation251 D +Distance11,5 km
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