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Itinerary Valojoulx, Montignac by road




Nature (faune, flore)

Pedal your way through the beautiful countryside of the Vézère valley. Discover the charming little village of Valojoulx, on the banks of the Turançon, just off the main roads, more than a kilometre from the departmental road 65 that runs alongside the Vézère. It is 6km from Montignac and 16km from Sarlat.
In Montignac, discover the narrow medieval streets lined with houses on stilts or timber-framed houses, at the bend of a wash-house or a fountain... you're at the entrance to the Vézère Valley.

Take a break from prehistory!
Discover the reproductions of the real Lascaux: Lascaux II, 10 minutes from Montignac, and Lascaux IV, the latest complete reproduction of the cave to visit with the whole family.

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