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Montignac-Lascaux in ecomobility



Culturel, Historique

From the two bus stops serving Montignac, a stroll through the village will take you through the town and along the banks of the Vézère. Take rue du Barry, one of the oldest streets in the village, which leads to Lascaux IV, the latest incarnation of the famous cave. Inside the site, there is a faithful reconstruction of the original cave and interpretation areas. If you then want to head up the hill to Lascaux, you can do so on foot, listening to the story of the children who discovered the cave in 1940 with the free Dorie app.

Montignac-Lascaux in ecomobility

Distance : 1.0 km

Step 1

If you get off the bus at "Rue de Juillet", continue along this street, turn left at the crossroads, cross the river and continue straight on towards "Office de Tourisme". Take "Rue du Barry" on the left before the Tourist Office and continue straight on, passing a wash-house to get to Lascaux IV.

Step 2

If you get off the bus at Place Tourny, head towards the centre as far as the Tourist Office. Take the "Rue du Barry" on the right, after the Tourist Office, and continue straight on past a wash-house to get to Lascaux IV.

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