Point de vue sur la Vallée de la Vézère à la côte de Jor

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Historical, Nature (fauna, flora), Religious


The route begins from the village of Saint-Léon/Vézère, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France. It is located on a bend (meander) of the Vézère and was a flourishing port. The village is rich in built heritage: castles, 12th century Romanesque church which hosts the famous Périgord Noir Music Festival every year, chapel…
Lively village thanks to its stalls, shops and restaurants without forgetting the canoes which allow you to fully enjoy the river. The route leaves the village via a small road to continue on a path that climbs into the woods. Once on the plateau you can enjoy two viewpoints over the Vézère valley to observe the river and its rocks, the village and the troglodyte site of Roque Saint-Christophe.
Duration02hElevation147 D- ​​/ 143 D+Distance6,0 km
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