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Les Farges • Dordogne

Holidays at Les Farges by the tourist office of Dordogne

Take the time to discover Les Farges 

Located at the north of Montignac-Lascaux, bordered on the south by the Vézère, the village of Les Farges invites you to discover large horizons.
The village extends on Jurassic and Cretaceous limestone plateaus whose altitude varies from 200 to 260 m. It is a bastion that dominates a hundred meters above the valley of the Vézère.
Hollows and bumps multiplies the points of view and the belvederes.

At the south of the town, on the big hill of Cheylard made up of sand limestones, the remains of the church belonging to the eighteenth century parish still stand.  A small rural road leads to the ruins: Romanesque nave, bell-wall, eleventh century choir (vaulted with a cradle) and next to it, you can still see some graves of the old medieval cemetery.

Outdoor activities in Les Farges 

Walking or hiking is encouraged in the Vezere valley. Several trails start in Les Farges :
- Boucle des balcons du Nord 
- Boucle des balcons du Sud
Boucle du Grand Peuch . : this one is especially appreciated by family, easy to share with your little children. 

Nice holidays memories to come ...

Les farges ©ph m. genty
Les Farges ©ph m. genty