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Let’s go to explore the ruins of the Vézère Valley...

Of course, the Castle of Commarque is the most famous. With its co-lordships that succeeded, the place doesn’t have one ruin but many remnants of these castles. The guided tour will explain to you why these castles were built here. Moreover, you will be marvelled by the beauty of the Beune Valley which surrounding Commarque. To interest everyone, children like adults, Mr. Commarque organize activities every summer and offers a variety of events throughout the year. You will return necessarily impressed about this castle !


More confidential (for the moment), the Fortress of Miremont also has well hidden assets on the heights of Mauzens et Miremont. From the D47 you will see only a part of this building, approach! Forgotten for two centuries, it’s thanks to the owners efforts and volunteers who came to restore the tour that the guided tour is possible every summer. It will help you understand the history of military castles of the Middle Ages. To appreciate further this Manaurie Valley, do not hesitate to walk on the hiking trails surrounding this unusual site.


And last ruin but not least, the Château de l'Herm ! This authentic building planted in the woods of Rouffignac served as the backdrop to the television adaptation of Jacquou Le Croquant. True dreams location, during the summer some concerts or animations reveal this unique castle. Marie will be happy to tell you more about the "Estivales of Herm."

Château de Commarque ©Francis Annet
Château de Commarque ©Francis Annet


Château de Commarque: www.commarque.com 

Forteresse de Miremont: www.forteresse-miremont.fr

Château de l'Herm: www.chateaudelherm.com