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Manaurie • Dordogne

Take the time to discover it...

The village of Manaurie is several kilometres north of Les Eyzies on the banks of the brook Manaurie, a tributary of the Vézère which is popular among fishermen​. Its source is in the village of Rouffignac and it flows into the Vézère 15 kilometres further downstream, next to the Laugerie Haute site in Les Eyzies.

Many castles or residences : Rocaudou (MH) 15th and 16th century, Lortal 16th and 17th century with its chapel, Cap del Roc 19th century (a chartreuse at the exit of the borough) recall the history of the village.
The church located in the heart of the village, with its bell tower wall strikes by the extreme sobriety of its decoration.
Some short walks
From the village, two hiking trails are possible:
The loop of Carpe Diem passes next to the cave of the same name. It contains colorful natural concretions but is closed to the public.
Roc de la Pépue is the name given to the prehistoric engravings in Peyrelevade (not to be visited).
Manaurie ©Myriam.G
Manaurie ©Myriam.G