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Martin Walker, a literary ambassador for the valley !

Martin Walker, a scottish famous writer, came regularly spend his vacation at Le Bugue and knows really well the black Perigord
That's why his polar takes place in this part of our region.
Finally, he bought a house at Le Bugue few years ago and you can see it sometimes on the market.

Indeed, into the first novel "Murder in Périgord", Bruno the Chief of Police lives at Saint-Denis which is a mix between some diferents villages like Le Bugue and other around.  He resolves a murder thanks to his knowledges of the territory and also thanks to his relationships.

With the success of this first polar, Martin Walker continued writing a saga : "Dark Harvest" , "Black Diamond" , “The Crowded Grave” , “The Devil’s cave”, … (some of them are translated into over 15 languages).

Moreover, in each german book is inserted a small Dordogne travel guide with the best addresses of Martin Wallker ... How to discover our beautiful region as a fictional hero ...

A website dedicated to Bruno is also available on the web and a television serie adapted from novels should appear on German television.

Every year, a new book arrives ... Stay on guard!


Lecture de Meurtre en Périgord sur les bords de la Vézère ©ALR
Lecture de Meurtre en Périgord sur les bords de la Vézère ©ALR


Even into the New York Times, Martin Walker is present yes

Newspaper article


In 2018, Martin Walker received the French Tourism Medal.

The wine "Bruno" was created in collaboration with Martin Walker. Availbale at Le Bugue cellar.