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Mauzens et Miremont

Holidays at Mauzens et Miremont by the tourist office of Dordogne

Take the time to discover it

This hilltop village owes its name to the Occitan word ‘mira’ meaning ‘lookout’ and ‘mont’ used to describe an elevated position, indeed, it  looks majestically out over the valley.

A feudal 13th century tower overlooks the ruined ramparts. Manors and rich houses bear witness to the presence of blacksmith masters who once developed the iron industry on the banks of the Manaurie, a little stream.

Further back from the river, the village of Mauzens is built from the honey-coloured stone which took its name. Today the quarries still provide stone for building and ensure the livelihood and reputation of the village.

The Fortress

For some years now, volunteers have been restoring this forgotten fortress. In addition to its rich history, the fortress of Miremont offers a panoramic view.

Outdoor activities

Hiking trails welcomes you to discover the exceptionnal nature of Mauzens et Miremont :

Boucle de Combejadouille
Boucle de Miremont


Its practical railway station 

Mauzens et Miremont ©A.Borderie
Mauzens et Miremont ©A.Borderie


Townhall of Mauzens et Miremont
Le Bourg

Phone : +33 5 53 03 23 17
Website : www.mauzens-et-miremont.fr
Email : mairie-mauzens.miremont@wanadoo.fr