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Music and dance festivals in the Vezere Valley

Festival of Montignac : « Cultures aux Cœurs »

One week of festivities full of discoveries, cultural exchanges and meetings. This is Festival "Cultures aux coeurs" that takes place every year in Montignac-Lascaux around traditional dances and world music. In the heart of summer, tourists and natives will travel all around the world !

Festival du Perigord Noir

More than a festival of classical music, the Festival du Périgord Noir also has the ambition to make people discover an exceptional architectural heritage. The Festival is committed to offer a high quality program with international artists as well as to make space for emerging artists through its two academies. From July to October, diverse programming and shared culture are the top priorities of the festival.

Festival Musique en Périgord

Musique en Périgord offers a wide and eclectic musical program : klezmer music, chamber music, singing, world music, jazz. Musics for all with concerts in all the Vézère valley : Le Bugue, Campagne, le Gouffre de Proumeyssac, the church of Tayac in Les Eyzies, Saint-Chamassy.

Festival Più di Voce in Périgord

This lyric singing festival takes place every year, during the second fortnight of July, and greets nearly 1200 listeners for six performances of opera or operetta, in six villages of Périgord.

The Lascaux sessions

A new cultural project in the first fac simile of the famous prehistoric cave : Lascaux II. These acoustic sessions intend to mix parietal art with music in order to make listeners discover the cave in a new atmosphere. Folk, reggae, jazz, latin music... with the common denominator of being played acoustic.

©Festival Cultures aux Coeurs - Montignac
©Festival Cultures aux Coeurs - Montignac