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My little child doesn’t walk yet, What can I do with a buggie?

If he loves animals, bring him to the Regourdou. He’ll see bears, alive! And you could discover the prehistoric time thanks to the small museum on the same site.
You can also choose to go to the Bournat. Its farm is composed of geese, shetland ponies, lionhead rabbits and angora goats...You’ll see old crafts from the beginning of XX° century in the same time (woodcarver, jam maker, potter, wheat weaver,...) . 

After a little snooze, go to St Amand de Coly. You’ll appreciate the little streets of this beautiful village. Its majestic abbaye is amazing.

For a cave, go to Tourtoirac with your buggie! The fairy-like spectacle of light and shadow with stalagmites and stalactites will enjoy your baby and you! 

Better than a buggies, the boats will stroll you quietly on the river Dordogne, take a 'gabarre' ;-)

Les jardins d’eyrignac will be perfect to finish your day. You’ll can appreciate the nature beauty of the French garden, the Springs Garden or the Wild Flower Meadows. 

Le Regourdou ©ALR
Le Regourdou ©ALR