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Once upon a time … the Perigord strawberry

Little story about the Perigord’s strawberry

The strawberry is one of the gastronomic treasure of the Perigord. In pie, in fruit salad, in ice cream, strawberry can be personalised according to individual desires and wishes.

It’s appeared in Dordogne since 1895 but we started to cultivate it after the Second World War, in 50’s. Today, it’s more than 200 producers who harvest it. To eat a perfect strawberry, they ensure that it has the right balance between acidity and sweet.

The Perigord mild climate is perfect for the strawberry industry because it loves sun and fresh ground. Healthy and vitamin, delicate and sweet, 6 varieties are named PGI. They assure a flavour and color festival.

PGI what is it ?

The protected geographical indications is an identification sign created and attested by Europe. It assure the quality of a product thanks to the identification of its origin.

Recognize like a PGI since 2004, the Perigord strawberry is the only strawberry of Europe which has this identification.

The 6 varieties of Perigord strawberry are cultivated during 6 months. By this way, it can be  eaten longer. The Gariguette and Darselect are the first spring strawberries. They appeared from april to the milddle of june. Then, the Mara des Bois, the Charlotte, the Cirafine and the Seascape are cultivated until the beginning of autumn.

Originals ideas

To realise wonderful recipes, you can find Perigord strawberries on Valley Vézère markets. You can find a lot of gastronomic specialities too, like foie gras, truffles, walnuts PDO of Perigord …

Think to mix them to create delicious recipes. For example, we can think at… :

  • A delicious cold soup with Perigord strawberries
  • A walnuts PDO Perigord pie with strawberries
  • A bold magret with strawberry sauce

Be creative ! 

Strawberry périgord