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Parks and Gardens of Dordogne

Classic gardens

At the Gardens of Eyrignac nothing is left to chance, nature is worked perfectly. It’s a mix between plants and green color. its famous Allée des charmes impress each visitor by its perfect regularity. The Gardens of Eyrignac surrounded by fields and forests offers beautiful point of view.

The Gardens of Losse in Vézère Valley offers perfumes of wisteria, lavender or rosemary to visitors. Here, you’ll find a quiet and intimate atmosphere. In a part of this garden, a green room invites your mind to de-stress or meditate.

The Garden around the Castle of Hautefort is an exemple of « jardins à la française ». Its vegetal sculptures look like painting tables. You can admire the garden from the windows and the courtyard. Here, vegetal art is creative and let imagine labyrinths, cone, circle…

Thematic gardens

Opened in 1996, the « Jardins de l’Imaginaire » at Terrasson are the only contemporary garden in Dordogne. In front of the old town and just above the Vézère river, this garden invites you to an exceptional and imaginative walk. 13 natural landscapes, as surprising as they are enchanting, tell the history of gardens since the Roman period.

The “Bambous de Planbuisson” invites you to a magical walk in the heart of lush vegetation. A unique collection of bamboo on 1,5 ha where the nature becomes artist.

The Panoramic gardens of Limeuil offer an incredible point of view over the Dordogne river and the Vézère river. Indeed, they meet them just in front of you ! You’ll discover into this garden contemporary spaces, an arboretum, a landscapes park,…a lot of activities are organised especially in summer.

Les jardins de l'Imaginaire ©Duret
Les jardins de l'Imaginaire ©Duret
Les Jardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac