Carla Neisen, a list of achievements that makes all the young people of the Dordogne dream of


Women's rugby champion

  • Winner of the VI Nations tournament
  • Vice Olympic champion
  • Trained in Bugue

The city of Le Bugue presented the city's medal of honor in 2021 to Carla Neisen after his incredible epic at the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympic rugby sevens vice-champion, born near Clermont-Ferrand, spent her youth in the village of Le Bugue. Carla Neisen attended the Bugue rugby school until she was 7 and the women's rugby section of the town's college. 

Third in the 2017 XV World Cup, tournament winner of the VI Nations in 2018, with a Grand Slam as a bonus, vice-world champion at VII in 2018, vice-champion at the Olympic Games from Tokyo. Where will Carla Neisen stop?

The people of Bugue but also all the people of Périgord follow his exploits through the small screen. Sporting, at the exit of the village, retransmits many rugby matches. For more information on places to enjoy a match while having a drink, click here…

Rugby, a sport rooted in Périgord

If you want to witness the emergence of a new Périgord talent, go near the rugby stadiums in Montignac-Lascaux to support the reds and blacks or at Bugue applaud the blue and whites. And no ! Not Bayonne rowing but Rugby Club Buguois ! There are fewer seats but the singing is just as loud! ?

Rugby, the other sport made in Périgord that brings gold

Rugby is an essential sport in the Dordogne department but there are few clubs in Périgord. Almost every village has its rugby club in Dordogne! Le Bugue is no exception, the rugby players and rugby women of Renaud-Cruveiller Stadium saw it parade champions in their ranks. Not everyone has had the chance to know the French team, however some well-known names in the rugby world have cut their teeth at the club: Enzo Hervé, who is none other than the cousin of Carla Neisen or, Antoine Miquel, in the top 14.

Note that Gaëlle Mignot, current co-selector of the French team feminine is also originally from Périgord. Yiha!

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