• Originally from Bugue

Tibz, a Perigord singer

Tibz is a French artist who experienced his first success with the single “Nation” in 2016. Then he continued collaborations and writing singles for artists like Jenifer, the troupe of Enfoirés or Slimane.

He spent his childhood in the village of Bugue, the dream village for all children with its leisure activities! At the entrance to Le Bugue coming from Sarlat: the Aquarium du Périgord Noir, the prehistoric labyrinth, the village of Bournat where we remember the 1900s to the sound of accordions and period wooden rides.
An atmosphere that fits perfectly with the rural universe that Tibz highlights in his music videos such as “We’re not there?” ".

Tibz, whose real name is Thibault Gaudillat, does one of his first scenes at Le Bugue, on the edge of the Vézère river. Numerous local events allow the singer to test his texts and music with the Perigord public but also give him inspiration.

Périgord is bustling all summer long.

From concerts under kiosks to more popular dances along the river, music makes villages throughout the Dordogne vibrate.

The “Nation” of Tibz: the Dordogne

The singer regularly recharges his batteries in Périgord and in particular in Limeuil, classified as the Most Beautiful Villages in France.
In a report from France 3 New Aquitaine, we see him acting as a guide in the Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil and in the village streets. He admires the typical Périgord houses that he cannot find in Paris, his adopted city. He wanders through the heart of the Périgord vineyards and conveys his attachment to the terroir as a great lover of wines (from Bergerac).  

He sings about his love of the Dordogne in his video clips

The single “Bye Bye” which tells of his difficulty in choosing between the city of his heart and the city where he lives, Paris, was partly filmed in Périgord. Tibz likes to highlight his native Périgord both in his interviews and in his songs.

 He returns to sing regularly in Dordogne

No need to “Go to the end of the world” to applaud the Périgord performer. 

Tibz lives in Paris and fills the halls of France during these tours but he brings his guitar back to strum a few songs on the stages of Dordogne from time to time. In recent years, the singer's fans were able to see him on stage at Parc Gamenson in Périgueux, during the Chat'O'Rock Festival at Château l'Evêque, at the Jardin des Enfeus in Sarlat, and of course Buggy on the Prés de la Vézère for a concert “at home”.

So look out for the alleys of the Bugue market, the alleys of Sarlat or the beach of Limeuil, perhaps you will come across the singer-songwriter during your stay in Périgord...

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