The exceptional castle of Les Eyzies

We promise that a visit to this iconic Périgord Noir château will stay with you for a long time to come.

Nestled in the valley of the beunesSituated between Les Eyzies and Sarlat, this medieval castle is an impressive sight. The keep and fortress blend perfectly into the surrounding countryside. Standing on its spur, the tower is an ochre jewel in a lungful of greenery.

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A very unusual castrum

The Dordogne is renowned for its 1001 castlesCommarque is undoubtedly one of the places you won't want to miss during your stay in the Périgord.
It is remarkable for its location, standing on its rockbut also because it was a co-seignioryThis is a rare enough fact to merit special mention. The lords' families shared the towers of this castrum in medieval times. The castle passed into the hands of the Beynac family, another important Dordogne fortress and one of the 4 baronies of Périgord, during the Hundred Years' War.
Today, it is the de Commarque family who bring this place to life and guide you through the history of this marvellous château.

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Opposite Commarque, the Château de Laussel

There's no shortage of châteaux in the Dordogne. Opposite it is another castle that was the Commarque family hideout for many years. It is the Château de Laussel. Another medieval structure at Marquay is not open to visitors, but makes for wonderful photos.

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Photos of Commarque Castle are great, but feeling it vibrate is even better!

The de Commarque family: Hubert, Jean and Aude, programme throughout its opening period of original entertainment to bring the castle to life and offer lively tours.

The most spectacular visit is perhaps the one in hot-air balloon. It provides magnificent aerial images. Flying over the keep, admiring the medieval ensemble and the Beune valley is an enchanting sight. Don't forget to share your photos on our social networks Facebook and InstagramWe want to dream too!

the storytellers
Hot-air ballooning in Commarque

But keeping your feet on the ground isn't bad either. Especially if you like to dance. In summer, the Château organises music events and candlelit dinners to thrill the inhabitants of Sarlat, Les Eyzies and all summer visitors to the Dordogne.

At Easter, Château de Commarque opens its doors even to little rabbits. Visit Easter egg hunt in one of France's most famous "Grand Sites"? Rest assured, it's not just for children - everyone is welcome.

Find out more about all the events at the château on their website:

Unforgettable experiences

Château de Commarque has a troglodytic section and a prehistoric cave which can be discovered on a privileged visit. It does not have the profusion of rock paintings of the Font-de-Gaume cave located just a few kilometres from the castle, but clearly shows how people have lived in this valley for thousands of years.

Every school holiday and sometimes public holidays, there are some crazy events to try out in the Dordogne. 

Take a trip back to the 14th century at Château de Commarque. It can be done with a guide or with free access thanks to a audio-guide. During the summer months, a troupe brings to life the medieval daily life of the soldiers, so you're sure to have a magical time with your family.
From guided tours are regularly scheduled during the holidays, consult the timetables on the château's website.

If your child likes arts and crafts, Château de Commarque offers a workshop every day during the school holidays, which is included in the admission price. Archery, stone carving, calligraphyThe choice is yours! We'll even take you back to prehistoric times with the propulsion shooting. Who do you think will have the most fun, you or your child?

For the most adventurous thrill-seekers, there is a abseiling from the dungeon is possible: 60m high and centuries of history flash before your eyes.
As for those who want to use their brains, Escape Game will give them the chance to put their detective skills to the test.

Can you already see yourself taking Commarque by storm? Then don't wait any longer and come and visit us!

Good to know

The château's car park is off the beaten track, but a stroll through the Périgord Noir forest will take you to the site on foot. Disabled visitors can contact the château to arrange parking nearby.


Commarque is located on Sireuil, one of the hamlets of the village of Les Eyzies.

Les Eyzies it's a journey through time, from the Prehistory at the time medievalEvery century of French history is reflected in its stone. This vast commune is home to major Périgord sites such as the Prehistory Interpretation Centre or the grotto of Grand Roc but also the hamlet of Tayac and its troglodyte fort, the hamlet of Sireuil, the former commune of Manaurie and the former commune of Saint-Cirq.

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The Vézère valley makes a point of protecting this land of New Aquitaine classified as a "World Heritage site".Grand Site de France". Come and enjoy a holiday in a peaceful place where culture and nature go hand in hand. 

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