Here are (just) 10 good reasons to come to Les Eyzies

N°1 Its impressive cliffs

Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuilis proud to boast two landscaped cliffs from which to admire the beauty of the commune.
The most visible cliff is undoubtedly the one in the heart of the village of Les Eyzies. Opposite the Place de la Mairie. It houses the National Prehistory Museumthe ancient castle and the Neanderthal statue. In winter, the mist and light behind the statue offer an unreal spectacle.

The second, greyer cliff is visible as you leave Les Eyzies towards Périgueux. It is home to three of the Dordogne's major tourist attractions: the Grand Roc cave and the lower Laugerie shelterand the troglodytic fort of Tayac (currently closed to visitors).

The Dordogne is full of cliffside villages, all photographed and posted on Instagram, but none as impressive as this one! 

N°2 It's the capital of prehistory

The village presents itself as "world capital of prehistory" . It has to be said that local tourism was born as soon as the first archaeological discoveries were made.

This is where Prehistory as a science, in which Messrs. PeyronyLartet, Capitan, and Abbés Breuil and Glory have all made their mark. It was here that theCro-Magnon Man in the Cro-Magnon shelter. This is where you'll find some of the world's greatest examples of cave art, including the the last polychrome cave open to the public: Font-de-Gaume, the shelters of Laugerie haute and Laugerie basse, listed as National Monuments and protected under the Monuments Act. Unesco World Heritage Site.
It is at Les Eyzies is home to the National Museum of Prehistory, an absolute reference for the Upper Palaeolithic, whose collections come largely from the sites and deposits of the Vézère Valley, so rich in prehistory. The Prehistory Interpretation Centre completes the picture. Its aim is to showcase the area's exceptional prehistoric heritage.

The Lascaux cave, in the commune of Montignac-Lascaux, is a 20-minute drive away. If you want to discover the cradle of mankind, come and explore the Vallée de l'Homme, starting at Les Eyzies!

N°3 Admire the Neanderthal statue and the National Prehistory Museum

It is on a natural terrace that stands the famous statue of Prehistoric Man by Paul Dardé. It is a symbol of Périgord's prehistoric past.
Many visitors call it the Cro-Magnon statue, yet it is supposed to represent Neanderthal Man. The name given to it by its creator is thePrimitive man.

This statue that can be approached by visiting the National Museum of Prehistory was inaugurated in 1931 by the then Minister of Fine Arts, Paul Léon.
Initially criticised, it is now the symbol of Les Eyzies and one of the postcards of the Dordogne.

N°4 Les Eyzies and its medieval past: the Château de Commarque

Commarque, one of the most spectacular châteaux in Périgord, is located in Les Eyzies.

Commarque Castle dominates the Beune valley between Les Eyzies and Sarlat, in a place called Sireuil. Built in the 12th and 14th centuries, this medieval fortress has a very special history. It was in fact a co-seigniory, of which many vestiges remain today.
The De Commarque family, who still own the castle, organise guided tours and workshops during the summer months. Recently, the cave hidden beneath this fortress has been opened to visitors on request, and the ramparts of the castle are now open to the public. dungeon are revealed as close as possible to you thanks to an abseiling descent of over 40m. Only the bravest will choose this activity.
For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the traditional tour and on-site activities alone are well worth the diversions.

N°5 Les Eyzies is also the hamlet of Tayac.

Tayac FortThis troglodyte site on the right bank of the Vézère faces theThe church of Saint-Martin on the left bank of the river. The religious building at Les Eyzies, dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, bears witness to the architecture typical of the late Middle Ages in France, where the use of the word "church" was the norm.Romanesque art features turrets, machicolations and a bell tower wall.
The homes adjoining this church in Tayac are a marvellous example ofPérigord architecture so don't hesitate to get lost in the hamlet of Tayac to admire them.

N°6 It's a great hiking spot!

ASCA_Randonnée-Gorge d_Enfer_Les Eyzies_Août22©Agence Urope (5)

Les Eyzies, in the heart of the Black PerigordThere are many paths to follow.
The starting point for the many walks in the village is near the motorhome park.
These trails take you along the banks of the Vézère, through the small hamlet of Tayac and even up to the heights of Gorge d'Enfer. Quite a programme!
For experienced walkers, the Micoque loop offers a 12km route.
This walk will reveal the secrets of prehistory. During the walk, you'll admire sites such as the Micoque deposit and return to the Cro-Magnon shelter in the heart of the village.

For families just looking for a short stroll, the green route along the Vézère valley is accessible even with a pushchair.

Fans of cycling? This green route will take you from Les Eyzies to Le Bugue, via the La Rivière campsite or the Le Bournat campsite. If you're feeling a bit tired, why not stop off for a refreshment or an overnight stay?
If you're more of a thrill-seeker, there are also signposted mountain bike trails from Les Eyzies. They take you to towns such as Saint-Chamassy and Coly Saint-Amand. Service providers in the valley also offer outings to Sireuil. Come and see us, we'll give you all the information you need. !
Don't forget, you're on the banks of the Vézère, so a canoe trip is a must for a successful stay in the Dordogne. You'll discover the Vézère valley in a whole new way.  

N°7 Restaurants and local produce. Are we talking about Périgord gastronomy?

Les Eyzies, the Vézère valley and the whole of the Dordogne are renowned for producing exceptional Foie Gras.

Foie gras AlbiéThe "patte d'oie" at Les Eyzies has been touring the region's markets for many years to bring you this exceptional delicacy.

Les Eyzies hides another precious product that has made the reputation of the Dordogne: the caviar. Fish farming Black Pearl produces sturgeon of a rare quality, which you can sample in local restaurants such as Le Centenaire, and which is exported throughout France.

The Monday morning market from April to October, you can fill your basket with vouchers local products like Agnès' jamsproduced on the heights of Les Eyzies or fruit and vegetables grown by local farmers.

N°8 Les Eyzies and its events

In summer, Les Eyzies celebrates the bison ! But why?
In prehistoric times, the village of Les Eyzies was home to herds of bison.
This animal is often depicted in furniture and on cave walls in the Dordogne. The bison is painted in ploychrome more than 50 times in the Font-de-Gaume cave, the original cave at Les Eyzies, which is still open to visitors on the road to Sarlat. A propeller depicting a bison licking itself was found not far from Les Eyzies, in the Abri de la Madeleine, in the commune of TursacIts cast is on display at the Musée national de Préhistoire.
So, traditionally 1er Wednesday in AugustIn the evening, a spit-roasted bison is cooked and enjoyed by Eyzicans and visiting tourists alike.
A little anecdote: even the football club was called Les Bisons!

In summer, the gourmet markets organised by the town hall also celebrate the welcome of the Périgord region and local gastronomy. Don't forget to bring your cutlery and take advantage of the tables set up in the public garden.

N°9 A wide range of accommodation awaits you.

You live in in the heart of the Vézère Valley by choosing to stay at Les Eyzies! A wide range of accommodation awaits you.
The campsite La Rivière or Brin d'Amour on the heights are havens of peace, respectful of the surrounding nature. If you prefer bed and breakfast or hotels with different ranges of rooms are available in the village centre.
In Sireuil and Tayac, a large number of rentals also welcome families who want a peaceful break. It's up to you to choose your house or gîte...
Do you need a large capacity for a leisure centre, holiday camp or group holiday? Cap Sireuil village opens its doors to you.

N°10 It's easy to get to Les Eyzies.

The village of Les Eyzies is served by a railway station. The Périgueux-Agen line allows you to stop off for a day, a week or even longer. Accessibility in train is a major asset for the town. The Abri Cro-Magnon (Cro-Magnon shelter) tells the story of how rail traffic contributed to advances in prehistoric research.

If you are coming by car, there are many car parks are present. So you can discover Les Eyzies on foot. Coming from Sarlat, leave your car opposite the Prehistory Interpretation Centre and take the Rue du Moulin into the town centre. 
Note that electrically assisted bicycles are available on the Place de la Mairie to explore the surrounding area of Les Eyzies or the Vézère valley.

Bonus: Les Eyzies, the centre of the Vézère valley

Les Eyzies is situated in the middle of the Vézère valley, a few kilometres from the Lascaux cave, the village of Saint-Léon-sur-VézèreSarlat or tourist sites such as the Aquarium du Périgord Noir or the Gouffre de Proumeyssac.

The commune is committed to responsible tourism and is part of the Grand Site de France.

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