10 good reasons to visit Limeuil, a multifaceted hilltop village in the Dordogne

N°1 The breathtaking panorama

By opening the map of the municipalities labeled “Most Beautiful Villages of France”, you can quickly see the concentration of them in Périgord. Limeuil, is one of the 10 classified villages listed in Dordogne. Just like Belvès, Saint-Amand de Coly or Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, the panorama offered by the village of Limeuil reflects the ancestral beauty of New Aquitaine.

The village is divided into a upper part with a church, panoramic gardens and its old houses. There lower part, for its part, faces the confluence of the rivers.
What impresses the most when arriving in Limeuil is the panorama!
On the one hand, these two bridges which span the Vézère and Dordogne rivers. And on the other side, this immense promontory which shelters the village. It is also preferable to go to the other bank of the Dordogne, near the Port campsite, to admire this spectacle and take in the sights.

It is undoubtedly one of the most photographed panoramas of Dordogne!

N°2 Panoramic gardens to amaze you

At the very top of the village is one of the most visited sites in Dordogne: the panoramic gardens of Limeuil. This is certainly the best view to admire the confluence. The gardens overlook the entire town of Limeuil.

From its terrace, you can observe the slate roofs and the layout of the streets of the upper town of Limeuil, but you can also see the second religious building in the town: the Saint-Martin church, about a kilometer northeast of the village. .

Inside these gardens you will discover different universes. Thematic gardens are laid out in the form of courses for families. You will walk through this wooded park 2 hectares by discovering numerous anecdotes about the medieval life of Limeuil, about the tinctorial plants but also about beekeeping or the century-old trees that will stand before you.    

Holidays in the Dordogne also simply mean enjoying the mild weather and the surrounding nature.

The panoramic gardens have recently created a well-being garden where contemplation is the watchword.

N°3 The typical village of the South-West of France

The charm of stone is omnipresent in this commune of Nouvelle Aquitaine.
Le marked trail for the discovery of the village starts at the water's edge and continues quickly through the maze of carreyrous, these small streets typical of villages in the southwest of France.

The passage under the port gate, dating from the 15th century, is the start of your journey through the heart of medieval architecture Périgourdine.

By taking the main street of the village, you admire the houses and their central doors, the narrow alleys which lead to the old fortress of the village, the old forge and the many other vestiges that Limeuil has preserved over the centuries. Recently restored, the street is narrow and requires good shoes to climb it.

The upper village is organized around theSainte-Catherine church which officially dethroned the Saint-Martin chapel as a parish church in the 19th century. Two other medieval doors are visible in this upper part: the Récluzou door and the Marquisat door.

Each of these doors leads to hiking trails which allow you to discover the extent of the commune of Limeuil.

N°4 Local crafts

Through this maze of alleys, numerous stalls and crafts still present throughout the commune. 

The artists have taken up residence in Limeuil to find inspiration and tranquility during the winter.
At the entrance to the village, there are a few craft shops facing the garden adjoining the Town Hall. A little further up, many painters, ceramists and other artists open the doors of their workshops in the summer.

Le glass-blower, established for many years in Limeuil, transmits its passion to visitors by offering visits with demonstrations as part of the Know-how at the Rendez-vous including.

Crafts are celebrated every year in Limeuil with the organization of Potters Market on the lower village square. This event brings together artists from Dordogne and around the world.

N°5 Lively village life

Each Sunday morning, during the summer period, the little Brive market de Limeuil creates excitement on the port square.

The painting competitions and concerts organized by the town hall, restaurateurs or campsite owners, are all pretexts for coming to one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France.
Just like sporting events! Residents of neighboring towns come together in Limeuil during football matches or petanque competitions.

N°6 Limeuil, the past of an ancient port

The Vézère river flows into the Dordogne at Limeuil.
On the Place du Port, you will see the canoes which end their journeys coming from the Dordogne valley and the Vézère valley. This confluence offers a real spectacle, unique in Périgord.

In the past, barges, flat-bottomed boats which allowed the transport of goods, embarked and disembarked in Limeuil. River activity represented the main economy until the end of the 18th century.

You will then easily understand that the Limeuil restaurateurs have chosen names evoking this prosperous past. Do not hesitate to taste the local gastronomy at " Chai » or to “The Anchor of Salvation » which has preserved its beautiful 15th century facade.

Nowadays, only the Dordogne river allows barge navigation. Departures are possible at Beynac, La Roque-Gageac ou Bergerac.

N°7 Feet in the water

Limeuil only sees canoes landed on its shore. No more mess! Take advantage of this tranquility to refresh yourself.
La swimming is not supervised, nevertheless the two rivers are calm. Swimming in this idyllic setting is highly appreciated in scorching weather.

View of the village of Limeuil from the river

Do you just want to protect yourself from the heat? The tables of picnic in the shade of the trees on the square facing the river are ideal for a brunch with friends.
The restaurant terraces also allow you to sip a drink while enjoying a panoramic view.

N°8 Hiking trails for everyone

Limeuil has many trails where it's nice to walk.

The Dordogne is a department where forests are omnipresent. This is also the case in Limeuil.
The Great loop of Limeuil » dotted with oaks and walnut trees alone validates the Périgord Noir appellation.
This loop of 13kms allows you to partly follow the Vézère. You will pass alongside the La Ferme de Perdigat campsite, a relaxing base for roaming enthusiasts who are embarking on " In the footsteps of the men of Lascaux ».

Another small loop of 4 kms allows families to appreciate the preserved nature of the Périgord.
For a more cultural route, the medieval streets are decorated with explanatory panels with questions/answers suitable for all audiences.

N°9 The Voie Verte leaves from Limeuil

The starting point (or arrival) of the Voie Verte along the Vézère river will be Limeuil.
Starting this year, take advantage of the development initiated along the river. From the stadium, take the path on your left and discover wild and preserved nature, between fauna and flora.

After a few meters, take a refreshing break while savoring the local beer: the Lutin. The brewery is located on the path between Limeuil and Le Bugue.

Ultimately, the greenway will connect two villages classified as the Most Beautiful Villages of France: Limeuil and Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère.

No. 10 Gateway to the country of Bastides

Limeuil is in Black Périgord but so close to Bergerac and the bastides.
The border between Périgord Noir and Périgord pourpre being approximate, you will be ideally placed for a tour around the Middle Ages. The bastides de Lalinde and Monpazier are 20 minutes from Limeuil. The Cadouin cloister, a magnificent building classified as a Historic Monument, is 10 minutes away.

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