The Proumeyssac chasm belongs to the network Great Sites of Périgord and is part of the classified space Grand Site of France. This is one of the most popular visits to the Dordogne, close to Le Bugue and Les Eyzies as well as the Dordogne valley. Its natural formation impresses young and old, it is also called the Crystal Cathedral. Its discovery can be made in basket, it is the high point of a unforgettable visit ! 

Why visit the Proumeyssac chasm?

The number of concretions

The guided tour of the largest developed cavity in Périgord allows you to admire a multitude of stalagmites and stalactites. Accompanied for 1 hour by a guide, you will discover the draperies, eccentrics, fistulas and other gourds which make this natural setting a must for your stay in Périgord.

The park built around the abyss

OT Lascaux Dordogne by Les Coflocs

A small museum installed at the exit of the visit allows a better understanding of the geological formation of the cavity. During school holidays, a guide: Professor Géopole invites you to follow him into this park, in the shade of the trees. Thanks to materials adapted to children and a high verb, the teacher takes you through the geological evolution of the Dordogne and Périgord Noir. The experience of the Gouffre de Proumeyssac is not complete without a search for gold in the mineral river. 

Once the visit to the chasm is over, you can go for a walk in the charming village of Audrix, close du Bugue. He is appreciated for its typical architecture of Périgord Noir and its hiking trails. For the youngest (and others), a Tèrra Aventura route is proposed.

A complete family day in Audrix to plan during your vacation in the Dordogne!  

The Gouffre de Proumeyssac, a visit for everyone.

You are among friends

And you are looking an original activity to offer to all your holiday companions?
The Proumeyssac Chasm allows you an unusual entry thanks to a descent in a basket, as at the time of its discovery. By overlooking the stalactites and stalagmites, other shapes emerge in front of you, you will be able to admire concretions of the vault as close as possible. A dizzying expedition which guarantees incredible memories!
The gondola tour joins the traditional route, which allows friends prone to vertigo to join you after this experience, and to give you their opinion on your central role in the first sound and light show.


The tour by basket joins the traditional route and allows you to admire the concretions up close.

You are with your family

And you want to impress your children?
The Proumeyssac Chasm is underground, so it is best to warn your children that they return underground, in darkness. Adventurous children will easily take to the game of cave discoverer. The visit is always made accompanied by a professional guide, no chance of staying underground, we can reassure them.
The abyss like any Périgord Noir cave (and even from France!) is at constant temperature, between 13 and 15°. We advise you to dress well and choose non-slippery shoes.
When the nacelle begins its descent, the rest of the cavity is plunged into the dark. This allowsadmire the show when you are on the observation platform below. Vacationers who took the option “ gondola descent » discover the concretions one by one with the lighting system adapted to the sounds broadcast simultaneously. Children are always amazed by this spectacle. The pitchoons sensitive to noise Peuvent être equipped with headphones to protect their ears. 

You are in a wheelchair

And are you looking to visit the Dordogne?
The Dordogne is renowned for its castles (Castelnaud, Commarque, …) , its typical villages of Périgord, ... but it's not easy to access all these magnificent sites which reflect France's medieval past.


The visit to the Gouffre de Proumeyssac is partially adapted for people with reduced mobility. After purchasing your tour ticket, you take a wide corridor with a slight difference in altitude. Then you access the observation platform at the same time as the rest of the visitors. Thus, you can admire all the concretions of the abyss: the octopus, the draperies, the columns, the gours, etc.


The Proumeyssac Chasm is a visit that is felt, the sound tour and the droplets that we hear falling allow us to pass a wonderful time in this abyss.

You are hiking near Le Bugue and you are looking for a refreshing break

After skimming marked paths, it is appropriate to visit a major site of the Vézère valley. We recommend this tourist hotspot before joining your accommodation.
Certainly, Audrix hill makes you sweat well when you arrive from Buggy but in addition to an unforgettable memory in “the crystal cathedral”, you can refresh yourself and eat on site.
A snack opens for a large part of the year and picnic tables are installed in the surrounding woods. Restaurants also await you in the village ofaudrix.
Come see us, we'll give you all the information at the Bugue tourist office!

Info +

To avoid queues, tickets are on sale online.

What is a chasm?

The abyss is a natural formation due to the collapse of the limestone rock.
Water runoff over the centuries has contributed to stone erosion, this is how a hole appeared on the heights of Audrix.
What do you think is the difference between a sinkhole and a cave?
For the chasm, you have to go down to visit it: it's a vertical hole. As for Cave, it is visited by entering horizontally inside. Verticality brings this sensation of grandeur!
To date, the Gouffre de Proumeyssac has a depth of 42 meters but it is very likely that other underground conduits run through the depths of this natural gem of France.

Gouffre de Proumeyssac or Gouffre de Padirac?

The Gouffre de Proumeyssac is in the south of the Vézère valley, 30 minutes from Sarlat.
The Périgord cavity is sometimes confused with the Padirac Chasm, another natural cavity in the southwest of France. Our neighbor in the Lot offers a boat trip accompanied by a boatman guide.
The Crystal Cathedral », is for its part, orchestrated around two sound and light shows. Many activities are offered in the outdoor area for the whole family. While parents cycle on electricity generating bikes to produce the resources necessary for the visit, the little ones take advantage of the fun-educational park

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