10 good reasons to visit Saint-Amand de Coly

No. 1: The most beautiful fortified church in Périgord is in Coly Saint-Amand


Coly Saint Amand Abbey throne in the middle of the village. Impossible to miss with its 30m high, it impresses every visitor to Périgord. This religious building dates from 12th century. Restored many times since then, this church is still under renovation. 

She is a perfect illustration of Romanesque art of New Aquitaine with its dome vault overlooking the crossing of the transept.
By entering this abbey you will discover exceptional stained glass windows and a whole series of defense devices including a hidden staircase in the pillars of the building.

No. 2: The village is classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France

The Abbey of Coly Saint-Amand contributes to the reputation of this picturesque little village of Périgord Noir. However, it is the charm of the entire village which made it possible to obtain the label Most Beautiful Villages of France. The Dordogne department can be proud to have 10 labeled villages Most Beautiful Villages in France including 3 in the Vézère valley: Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Limeuil et Saint-Amand de Coly.

Moreover, note that the village is called Coly Saint-Amand while the listed village has kept its original name Saint-Amand de Coly.

In 2018, the municipalities of Coly et Saint-Amand de Coly merged to form one village. The hamlet of Coly also reserves many curiosities, notably the old paper mill of Cassagne and an ancient fortified enclosure still somewhat visible: the rock of Gafier.

N°3: The typical architecture of Périgord Noir

Village of Coly-Saint-Amand

Upon arrival in the village, arriving from Montignac-Lascaux or Sarlat, you will notice slate roofs which characterize ancient villages of Perigord.

You will find this Périgord tradition in other villages of the Vézère valley such as La Chapelle-Aubareil ou Fanlac. Many houses still keep traces of the past and the know-how of the Dordogne.  

Moreover, frames and roofs are not the only aspects of the habitat of Coly Saint-Amand that must be admired while strolling in the streets near the church or the town hall. Contemplate the grounds ! The main artery is composed old paving stones : traces of the Middle Ages preserved only in ancient villages of France. Just like the storefronts stalls which give an undeniable elegance to the village of Coly Saint-Amand. The heritage house, present in this medieval street offers you many details on village architecture.

By pacing the village of Coly Saint-Amand, you will discover its architectural heritage, its beautiful Château de la Filolie, a sweetness of life.

N°4: The artisans welcome you to their shops

In Coly Saint-Amand, you will still find professions of yesteryear. Through a visit to an authentic medieval village, you will also access ancestral know-how.
The coppersmith welcomes you to its small shop at the foot of the abbey to help you discover copper working. THE cutler offers you training courses or opens its workshop to offer you tailor-made knives.
The traditional brewery La Chavagn' makes you discover brewed beer on site and packaged with local products to reduce its environmental impact.

No. 5: The village of Coly Saint-Amand is lively

During the summer period, the village welcomes festivals from all horizons. The most emblematic is the Périgord Noir Festival, artists from all over the world captivate music lovers jazz and baroque music. The concerts take place in the fortified church which offers incomparable acoustics.

Local associations are not left out to liven up your holidays. Friends of Saint-Amand organize animations throughout the year, guided tours during school holidays, mappings on the abbey, …

The “Saint-Amand Festival is interesting”

 is a free event which attracts street theater aficionados but also residents of surrounding villages. We find the conviviality of the Dordogne there, just like during the gourmet markets organized every Tuesday evening in summer.

N°6: Hiking circuits suitable for everyone

For nature lovers, Coly Saint-Amand is not to be outdone.
Public chat the Vézère valley hiking map, one can easily see that Coly Saint-Amand offers an abundance of marked trails.

La “Valleys and Hillsides loop”  allows on a route of 16kms to admire the village and its Abbey as well as the neighboring woods. Further north, on Coly, climb the hillside and cross the «loop on the Causse de Coly» to admire the castle of Coly or browse the « bottom of mouth loop » to admire the small Coly stream.

There are car parks near the Coly town hall and at the entrance to the town of Saint-Amand.

N°7: The Coly, a tributary which waters the Vézère

The little stream will refresh you and amaze you with its beauty and preservation.
You will be dazzled by the greenery that surrounds this protected area of ​​Dordogne.
A stay which is at the Lake Cottages, route de la Chironde, will amaze lovers fishing ou canoe.

Unlike the Vezere, the Coly boasts some waterfalls. This helps make it a perfect postcard from your holiday in Périgord.

No. 8: Quality accommodation welcomes you to Coly Saint-Amand

Whether you want to stay in the heart of the village or contemplate the surrounding nature, there are multiple accommodation options available to you.

The Abbey hotel offers an ideal setting to enjoy the view, the comfort of the rooms at reasonable rates and allows you to soak up the the village atmosphere thanks to its terrace which overlooks the main street of Coly Saint-Amand.

Campsites high-end, spacious and respectful of nature, are located outside the village. The Yelloh campsite! or camping Jeanne's Cabins, are a promise of a successful vacation in Coly Saint-Amand.

If you want to stay in a guest room or in a vacation location, this village classified as the Most Beautiful Villages of France has around ten of them. Coly Saint-Amand, a privileged destination for going to discovery of tourist sites et leisure activities in the Dordogne!

No. 9: So close to the Lascaux cave

Lascaux IV - Axial diverticulum

The Lascaux cave is located in the town of Montignac-Lascaux. It's a must when you spend your vacation in New Aquitaine!
Le village of Coly Saint-Amand offers Architectural Heritage remarkable medieval. Don't forget to learn about Périgord's more distant past by discovering the International Center for Cave Art of Montignac-Lascaux and the others prehistoric sites which the villages surrounding Dordogne abound.

No. 10: Coly Saint-Amand, quickly accessible

Located in the golden triangle of Périgord Noir, it is easy to access this town, whether you come from the north or the south. A zoom on the map of Périgord Noir:

Coly Saint-Amand is only

  • 15 minutes of Terrasson-Lavilledieu,
  • 20 minutes of Sarlat,
  • 20 minutes of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère,
  • 30 minutes from Eyzies,
  • and 10 minutes from Montignac-Lascaux

Book your stay at Coly Saint-Amand, we’re waiting for you!

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