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The Dordogne is full of exceptional panoramas such as the Côte de Jor in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, the Trémolat cingle near Bergerac or the Domme terrace near Sarlat. It's indisputable! But we reveal to you other points of view unknown which dot the villages of the Vézère valley and which deserve to be visited.

Sometimes the hiking trails, drawn up by the Dordogne departmental council, offer routes which overlook these panoramas, this is the case for example at At the bottom.
Admiring the Escaleyrou viewpoint is essential when staying near Lascaux, the most famous cave in Périgord which can be visited at any time of the year.
However, if you travel along our roads, you will discover with wonder other landscapes worthy of being classified Grand Site of France. That’s good, the Vézère valley is!
Whether these viewpoints are marked or not, visible by taking our paths or our roads, on foot, by bike or by car, we reveal them all to you! For sure, your camera hasn't finished flashing. 

The fauna and the flora

The destination Lascaux-Dordogne is a rural area in the southwest of France. We can therefore meet farmers, gatherers, hunters (as in prehistoric times) and see many animals such as geese, ducks, horses, cows, deer, etc.

By the way, have you ever listened to the deer's slab ? No ? So we'll tell you how to experience this wonderful moment that punctuates each of our autumns.

Do you know where to pick the best ceps of France ? Of course, it’s in Périgord Noir! Come take a tour with us in our forests. 

The atmosphere of Périgord

After a short loop or a long hike in our country, a time to share around a good meal with friends is appreciable. We're from the southwest, we warned you! So we know the small local bistros where you can taste a beer from the valley or a gin made near the Lascaux cave. You follow us ?

When Périgord rhymes with Sport

On weekends, we are fervent supporters of our rugby or football teams on the sidelines in Dordogne. Do you want to know how we set the mood? Go to bars or broadcast locations matches of French teams and other international competitions. This will give you a little insight.


Nothing like a picnic on the banks of the Vézère to appreciate local products. We give you the hotspots to land. For those who are more cautious, we can also enjoy a typical Périgord dish from time to time in the restaurant. THE good addresses of the valley to enjoy the landscape or to have your feet in the water, we are happy to share them with you.

Château de Losse

The architecture

We live in a department, the Dordogne, which is resolutely preserved. Thanks to this, many old buildings are still admired by everyone.
Of course, there are recognized castles like the Château de Commarque or those of the Dordogne valley near Sarlat, the Château de Losse and its incredible adobe, but what if we presented our architectural gems secret? 

Our secret stone(S)

In all our villages, Perigord-style houses built with Périgord stone reflect the past and history of the Dordogne. We tell you more about the elements that make up these typical buildings of our country.
Because yes, old stones are not just in Sarlat. Moreover, in our tourist offices, we give you a village tour with the buildings not to be missed in Limeuil, Le Bugue, Les Eyzies and Montignac-Lascaux. A one-hour stroll with family or friends in the ocher streets where the stone is reflected on the cobblestones, does that tempt you? 

Another stone stands out in Dordogne and particularly in the Vézère Valley: flint.

La flint knapping, this highly important activity during the prehistoric period has left numerous traces in our country. Prehistoric men and their manual activities contributed to our fame throughout France. Discover the secrets of making a flint and how to recognize it on one of the major prehistoric sites in France: the Vézère valley, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


The Périgord Noir is full of numerous other secrets.
We reveal some of them here... but if you also want to share your story and your secrets, don't hesitate to visit us in our tourist offices.
Our social networks also give you an overview of our beautiful country: do not hesitate to tag us in your photos via Instagram et Facebook.

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