The Vézère valley has many sites to visit, beautiful walks to take but it also has traditions, here are a few…

La Félibrée

As every year, this Occitan festival is awaited by tourists but also by many Périgourdins who are proud to celebrate their Oc language.

A real moment of conviviality where people mingle music, dance, traditions, joy of living and sharing ! Don't miss this pure Périgord good humor!

Ahead of this event which attracts thousands of people every year, international conferences are programmed.

The May Tree

This tradition which persists in Périgord has however evolved somewhat.

Indeed, originally these trees planted in May and decorated with numerous ribbons were harbingers of Spring. From now on, they symbolize each great moment in the life of a family, a community or a group of people. This is why the sky blossomed with these trees, particularly after the municipal elections. Very few municipalities deviate from this tradition!

Making Chabrol or Chabrot

This Occitan custom, it also consists of add red wine to your plate when you have some soup left and bring this “delicious” beverage to your mouth in order to swallow it in large gulps. The word “cabrù” literally meaning “to drink like a goat”.

This tradition is present in Périgord but is also perpetuated in Limousin or Provence.

Rest assured, our local gastronomy does not come down to that!

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