Discover parks, gardens and enchanting corners providing an ideal setting for a successful picnic in the Vézère valley

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View of the village of Limeuil from the river
  • Limeuil : unmissable spot for tourists, Limeuil beach is a favorite place for picnickers. Sitting on the edge of the pebble beach, or on tables set up for this purpose at the confluence of the Vezere and the Dordogne, on one side you can admire the junction of the two rivers or on the other admire the beautiful residences which are legion in this small town clinging to its rocky spur.

  • audrix : next to the church and under the hall tables welcome you.
  • Campaigns : the castle with its green spaces and its wooded park will offer you a magical setting to eat. Picturesque, romantic, rural, architectural, moving, we discover at the bend of the paths all the richness of this arboretum : redwoods, cedars, magnolias, bald cypresses, plane trees...The shade of these remarkable trees offers an idyllic setting for a lunch on the grass.
  • Le Buggy : it is still along the river where tables have been set up (at the bottom of the medical group) where you can enjoy the calm Vézère and the shade of its weeping willows for a meal and perhaps a little nap. A large table near the old mill allows you to be number 8/10. On the docks, to the kiosk, close to Bournat, we can also sit down.
Instapades studio- OT Lascaux Dordogne
Picnic in Les Eyzies
  • Les Eyzies : at the bottom of the town hall park, the edge of the Vézère is a dream place for a family picnic. There are many tables where you can sit down for a meal or see the canoes passing along the river. In Tayac, a small hamlet of Eyzies in the shade under the chestnut tree, you will be peaceful to admire Saint Martin church. A hiking trail allows you to take a beautiful digestive walk following it. On the side of Sireuil, a table awaits you near the church. In the parking lot under the cliff which shelters the cave of Great Rock, you can also picnic near the Vézère.

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  • Tursac: a discreet little corner of the Valley, this small village is nevertheless very animated by breeding geese who cackle to get noticed (and have their photo taken). After crossing the village, we follow the direction of Madeleine, just after crossing the bridge we stop at the level of the little nautical stop and there we can only savor: the freshness of the river, the lapping of the water, the shade of the trees, paradise in short!
  • Sergeac : arriving on the left, set your cutlery on the table provided for this purpose then discover this small, quiet village with typical houses with slate roofs. Then stroll to the prehistoric site of Castel Merle which is worth the visit (or discovery).
  • St. Leon-sur-Vézère: the riverside is a wonderful setting for a picnic. At the foot of the Romanesque church, in front of the cliffs, you can eat on tables. After a (light) lunch on the grass, Saint-Léon is also a place conducive to daydreaming and walking. You can stroll through these streets with houses with harmonious architecture in this village classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France.

©Agence Urope
The church and the river of Saint Léon sur Vézère
  • Saint-Avit-de-Vialard : table at your disposal near the village hall. You will be close to the honey producer and a farm selling foie gras. Hiking trails leave from the town hall square just a few meters away.
  •  Peyzac le Moustier : 2 tables are placed near the village hall.
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The abbey of the village of Saint Amand de Coly.
  • Coly Saint-Amand : the abbey between sky and earth has watched over the village for so many centuries... the ocher of the Sarladaise stone and the gray of the slates underline the purity of the Romanesque architecture of the church. Tables have been set up when arriving on the left in the parking lot.

  • Thonac : au Fongran lake, silence required next to the fishermen who watch for roach, carp, tench or trout... but calm assured. A large table awaits you.
  • Plazac : next to the village hall you can sit down and enjoy a very pretty setting around church and its medieval garden.
  • Montignac-Lascaux : along the banks of the Vézère, near the canoe boat, the picnic in the shade of the trees is a party on these quays. For digestion? A visit to the city where you can admire the richness of its Architectural Heritage : the half-timbered houses from the 13th century, the residences with terraces on stilts which are classified as Historic Monuments. In the Garden of the Fontaine des Pères (just before Lascaux-International Center for Cave Art), next to the nautical stopover at Montignac-Lascaux near the tennis court, you will find somewhere to sit and set up your cutlery.
PCU_Montignac-Lascaux_june2023©ALR (3)
  • La Auba Chapelreil : 2 tables are set up in front of the town hall.
  • Rouffignac : next to the village hall, behind the Town Hall in the shade of a tree, a table allows you to taste local products purchased at the market for example. Place Simone Veil, in front of the Town Hall, small steel tables for a romantic meal await you whileat Falquette Park wooden tables are provided in the shade.

And when we asked the question to the team at the tourist office, this is what they answered:

  • on the tables available at the troglodyte site of La Madeleine
  • enjoy the banks of the Vézère in Saint-Léon
  • on the Terra Aventura course'Audrix, the table near the washhouse or the one near the cache (do you have to have found it?)
  • in the Town Hall garden Limeuil, in the evening

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