Workshops to discover prehistory and have fun!

Take advantage of the summer holidays to introduce your children to prehistory. Several tourist sites offer special activities in addition to the visit.

There are many workshops for children at Les Eyzies:

Visit National Museum of PrehistoryTake part in fun tours or workshops throughout the school holidays: prehisto'rigolo, stories of footprints, etc.

Family activities are also offered on 1 Sunday a month outside the holiday period (Family Sundays).

Family at the National Prehistory Museum in Les Eyzies

Prehistory Interpretation Centre at Les Eyzies de Tayac in the Vézère valley - Dordogne / Périgord noir

Come and learn about prehistory!

A little further along the rue du moulin, push open the doors of the Prehistory Interpretation Centre.

A rich programme of workshops is on offer during the school holidays: storytelling for children aged 3 and over, prehisto investigation, prehisto lab, etc.


An exhibition on the evolution of the landscape in the Vézère Valley is also on display on the 2 floors of the building, providing a fun and educational way to learn about the remains left behind by our prehistoric ancestors and the impact they have had on our current environment.

Always Eyziesthe world capital of prehistory, on the road to Sarlat: the Roc de Cazelle caves. As well as a walk in the rock, the site offers free workshops throughout the summer: flint knapping, stone painting, thruster shooting and fire lighting.

Troglodytic sites, inhabited since prehistoric times, are not to be outdone when it comes to activities around this theme.

The village of La Madeleinewhich gave its name to the Magdalenian period, offers workshops in flint engraving and prehistoric painting (for children aged 5 to 12) during the summer season.

Castel merle cave art animations

On the prehistoric site of Castel Merle à Sergeac You'll have fun with the whole family.
Come and learn how to make a prehistoric jewel, a cave painting, etc. You can take part in the thruster hunt every day during the summer school holidays.

Le Thot, a full programme of activities and entertainment for children:

Different workshops every day:

Cave art (from age 5)

Archaeological dig (from age 7)

Lamp manufacture (from age 7)

Prehistoric jewellery workshop (from age 5)

Raising awareness of flint knapping (from age 7)

Working with leather  (from age 12)

Information and bookings on the website internet du Thot !

Prehistory, an inexhaustible subject for researchers

A large number of remains have been discovered in the Vézère valley, but every year new ones are discovered. archaeological digs continue to be carried out, increasing our knowledge of our ancestors and their way of life.

Literary works and scientific articles explain these discoveries to palaeontologists and archaeologists around the world. However, the sites of the Vézère valley are trying to popularise this knowledge organising exhibitions, conferences, etc.

PCU_Abri Pataud_les eyzies_juin 2017©A.Borderie-2

Regularly the National Prehistory Museumin collaboration with the Abri Pataud and SERPE offers a series of lectures on prehistory.

Two prehistoric walking trails

The Micoque path Les Eyzies takes you past some of the largest prehistoric sites discovered in the area. Explanatory panels line the 13km route.

The Vézère valley is animated by an itinerary called "In the footsteps of the men of Lascaux", which allows you to follow part of the Vézère river and admire the cliffs where prehistoric man took shelter. Each stage takes you to sites such as the Lascaux cavewebsite, the Castel-Merle or the Bara-Bahau cave.

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