The land of caves

France is full of underground treasures. The Vézère valley can be proud of having a heritage preserved for millennia. The Lascaux cave, a flagship site in the Dordogne, is surrounded by deposits, prehistoric shelters and other prehistoric caves with a unique past.
The Font de Gaume cave in Les Eyzies is the last four-color cave still open to the public. The Combarelles cave presents a rare concentration of schematic human figures, animal representations and tangled geometric signs.

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The particularity of the caves being that they are underground, we direct you towards the discovery of the troglodytic sites or the castles of the region. You'll see, it's great too!

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Bara Bahau information


The Bear Cave is a little-known cave located in the town of Bugue. It has the particularity of being extremely wide (up to 25m), unusual for prehistoric caves. Its unusual entrance deserves your love of caves.

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More than 8 kilometers (one way) to access the famous “frieze of ten mammoths”. Of course, this could have been done on foot but the owner likes to pamper you. Such an installation makes the site accessible to all, but first and foremost constitutes an asset in terms of preserving the place.

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Intro to Lascaux!
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The International Center for Cave Art Lascaux IV is definitely the most accessible cave for everyone.
You don't know anything about it (wait, let's explain?) and simply want to admire the work of our ancestors? Or learn some painting techniques? Or discover why this cave is the reference of Prehistory? Dive into the depths of the Lascaux hill for a discovery that will remain in your vacation memories for a very long time.

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