The Vézère valley is in the heart of France in New Aquitaine.

map representing the 4 colors of Périgord

A few kilometers from Sarlat

The Vézère valley is neighboring the town of Sarlat, capital of Périgord Noir and the Dordogne valley. Sarlat is the leading city in Europe for its number of listed buildings. It is a true jewel of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Located a few kilometers from the castles which dominate the Dordogne: Castelnaud, Beynac, Les Milandes, Sarlat is also close to the “Most Beautiful Villages of France” such as Roque-Gageac or Domme. The two valleys can be proud of hosting manor houses, fortified houses or imposing buildings, witnesses to the great warlike episodes of the past. Visitors love the contrast between these two valleys : the one which is wilder with its rocky landscapes (Vézère valley) and the other more romantic with its castles (Dordogne valley).

Similarity with our neighbors in Lot and unwavering links with Gironde

Located in the South-West of France in 2 hours from Bordeaux, Limoges, Toulouse and Rocamadour, the Vézère valley neighbors the Occitan region. 

The Vézère valley is close to Occitania due to its language, his dialect, his little heritage and its discreet architectural treasures (dry stone and slate, bories), its churches Romanesque, its “identical” tourist sites. The water has dug a labyrinth of caves and chasms and men settled very early in these two countries. 

The merchant river connected us to Bordeaux. South of the Vézère river, at the junction of the two valleys (Dordogne and Vézère): Limeuil. This medieval village of character takes its place among the jewels of Périgord. Its port was a major place for shipping. River activity represented the main economy and the main means of transport: at the beginning of the 19th century, navigation took off tremendously. Charcoal and earth, iron ore came down the river while from Bordeaux, via the Dordogne, came salt, grain, earthenware and various “colonial” goods.
Today with the greenway development project, it is no longer with this river surrounded by greenery but perhaps by the paths that one day the junction with the Gironde ...

The Dordogne so close to Corrèze

To the north, our region neighbors Corrèze, where we share the landscapes, culinary traditions and pretty villages.
The Vézère has its source at Meymac (1 hour from Brive) and flows into the Dordogne, of which it is one of the main tributaries. Terrasson la Villedieu on the borders of Périgord Noir and Corrèze is built on terraces, it is an ancient city clinging to a cliff, prettily topped with slates which majestically overlooks the Vézère. It is the northern gateway to the Vézère valley. 

Lascaux – Dordogne, a preserved territory

Today, the Community of Communes “Vallée de l’Homme” brings together 26 villages in the Vézère valley. Elected officials are mobilizing to find the fairest path for the development of the valley. In 2012, the entire Dordogne basin was classified “ World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco » and in 2020 the “Grand Site” label was awarded to this territory to conserve and preserve its exceptional wealth. 

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