What is Occitan?

Occitan is also called Langue d'Oc. Spoken mainly in the southern third of France, this dialect was democratised by the troubadours in the 11th and 13th centuries.

In Périgord, the Occitan language is sometimes studied in schools. The Dordogne department brings this language to life through various events, including the Félibrée. Village entrance signs all over the department are written in both French and Occitan!

What are the Occitan traditions?

The Félibrée, an Occitan festival, highlights the songs and dances (the rondeau, the Valentinou, the bourrée...) of the langue d'Oc.

The Pôle Occitan de RouffignacSince 2018, the "Occitane" centre has been based in the Parc de la Falquette, where it runs workshops on traditional Occitan arts and crafts. You can learn to sing, make lace or wear traditional costumes.

Meitat chen meitat pòrc every Sunday, from 11am to 12pm, a programme about France Bleu Périgord allows listeners to exchange ideas in Occitan.

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