What is a deciduous tree?

This ancient craft involves splitting branches from chestnut or willow trees to make laths used to make barrels.
The Dordogne was home to a large number of hardwood lumber manufacturers in the 19th century.
They found their raw materials in the forests Black Perigord.
In Périgord, wooden barrels were used mainly for wine-making and for transporting wine on barges.

Are there still any active hardwood craftsmen in the Dordogne?

The work of a hardwood lumberjack took place mainly in winter, until the sap began to rise. Not very rewarding and difficult to carry out, the appeal of the trade declined from 1910-1920.

An association of Périgord hardwood carvers will be created in 2019, with its head office in Les Eyzies.

Where can I see the rebar maker at work?

The Vézère Valley is classified as a "World Heritage Site".Grand Site de France"since 2020. Within this framework entertainment are organised on a regular basis, showcasing traditional trades. Visit demonstrations by hardwood workers are always a great success.

You can also discover this profession at the Madeleine site during the summer months.

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