The cuisine of the Dordogne focuses on the quality produce of the region and its producers. Truffles, porcini mushrooms, walnuts, chestnuts and also dishes with duck and goose. Foie gras is a must in Périgord. Here you'll find everything that makes up the culinary tradition of the south-west. 

What is the essential dish in Périgord gastronomy?

If you ask this question in the Périgord region, the answer will undoubtedly be: du duck foie gras and Sarladaise potatoess. But another recipe is also very popular: Porcini omelette. Here are the gastronomic highlights on offer in the restaurants and inns of the Périgord. The quality of tourism in the Dordogne is also reflected in its cuisine and specialities.

Duck liver and potatoes in goose fat

As a starter, foie gras is served cooked or half-cooked in slices, but foie gras lovers may prefer a piece of fresh foie gras just pan-fried. 

Groliere_Le Bugue - foie gras - tasting

To round off the meal, a good duck breast with Sarlat-style potatoes cooked in goose (or duck) fat with garlic and parsley.

Porcini omelette made easy

A few eggs, a few heads of ceps picked fresh from the field, a tablespoon of goose or duck fat, some parsley and there you have it.

Porcini omelette - Périgord gastronomy

A small salad with walnuts completes this Périgord speciality. Ideal before or after a walk along the Vézère or Dordogne rivers.

What are the specialities of Périgord?

The culinary specialities of the Périgord region mean that you can create complete menus using only local produce. They can be found on village markets in the Vézère valley, in the Sarlat, Bergerac, Périgueux or Nontron regions, at reasonable prices.

Everything is good in duck

The recipes most often suggested by Périgourdins are those based on duck. 

  • The different forms of foie gras: cooked, semi-cooked, pan-fried ;
  • Confits ;
  • The duck breasts ;
  • Gizzards, which are usually served as a salad;
  • And, of course, goose or duck fat, which is used as a base for many types of cooking.

The rich soil and forests of Périgord

As for the side dishes, don't forget to try the following Sarladaise potatoesand ceps and wallflowers. The salads are seasoned withwalnut oil produced locally and garnished with walnut kernels. 

Truffle©Luc Fauret-Piwigo

Last but not least, we haven't forgotten the queen of Périgord: the truffleThe black gold of Périgord gastronomy. A speciality found on the tables of the region's restaurants.

But also pork and cheese

It's less well known, but in the Dordogne you'll often find it on the tables of l'enchaud from Périgord. A pork roast cooked with goose fat and garlic. It is usually eaten cold.

On the cheese side, there's cabécou but also Trappe d'Echourgnac, a cheese produced by Cistercian nuns.

A multitude of fruits

Here are the most specific ones:

Bergerac wine

DEG_Marché_Le Bugue_Août22©Agence Urope (16)

The Vézère valley, once covered in vineyards, is no longer in production. Wine lovers can now enjoy Bergerac wine in moderation, with its top producers recognised throughout France and the rest of the world.

Where can you try Dordogne specialities?

There are just under a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants in the Périgord.
In the Dordogne valley, but also in the Périgueux and Bergerac areas and in the north of the department. In the Vézère valley, the Glycines restaurant: 1862 was awarded its 1st star in 2022.

Truffles and the best local produce are showcased.

By visiting our tourist offices or chatting to us at village markets, you're sure to find the address of an inn or family restaurant where you can enjoy the specialities of Périgord gastronomy at reasonable prices.

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