When do stags bark?

Autumn, the bellowing season! 

Ah, autumn! It's the perfect season for picking mushrooms, nature walks and, above all, to listen to the stag bellow. In all the forests of the Dordogne and Périgord Noir, the call of the stag signals the start of the mating season. It attracts hinds as much as it deters and intimidates other bucks. Mid-September to mid-October is the best time to hear the bellowing. So why not come and spend some time with us? autumn holidays in Périgord and the Vézère Valley. You can set off in search of the stag's bellow and try to hear the hoarse cry of this animal, king of our forests. We guarantee you won't be disappointed - it's a unique experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression. 

An extraordinary experience! 

It's at dusk, as day fades into night, that the stag's cry resounds throughout the Périgord. In the half-light, put your ear to the ground and listen to the stag bellow. You can even hear several of them talking back to each other from one place to another: a true natural symphony. Sometimes the stags challenge each other to a game of combat. They clatter their large antlers together with a powerful noise. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse, but the sound of the bellowing alone is exceptional! Our little tip: For the brave, get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the bellowing of the stag and watch the surrounding nature gently awaken. Recharging your batteries guaranteed! 

Shh, be quiet and listen! 

Grandiose and imposing with its beautiful antlers, the stag is nonetheless a discreet animal that can be seen in all its glory. doesn't really like to be disturbed ! Here are a few tips to help you maximise your chances of finding the slab. 

  • Be discreetIf you're not careful, avoid making noise, wearing flashy clothes and perfume! Yes, these senses are highly developed, and it won't be long before he spots your presence if you don't do everything you can to avoid it. Above all, keep your distance. 
  • Make sure you have a pair of binoculars ! Deer emerge from the forests and move across the meadows at dusk or in the early hours of the morning. You don't want to miss an opportunity to see this beautiful animal with your own eyes. 
  • Remain patient ! You've got to earn your keep and we promise you it's well worth it! 

Where can I do this experiment? 

The deer is above all a wild animal that appreciates its tranquillity. So it's best to set off to meet them accompanied by a guide. In the Dordogne and the Périgord Noir, the outings and walks are organised from time to time to experience the stag bellow. For example, the Périgord Limousin Regional Nature Park organises evenings around the slab. Information is available from your local tourist office. In the Vézère Valley, you can enjoy this experience for yourself at Les Eyzies observatory near Sarlat or stop off along a path. Around here, the cry of the stag is heard everywhere.

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