The emblematic animal of prehistory

What was the mammoth used for?

Feeding yourself

It is not true that prehistoric man hunted mammoths with spears. Nevertheless, when mammoths were had already died, the meat was consumed.

Making tools

Mammoth bones were used to make tools, objects and musical instruments. The Lady of Brassempouy is made from mammoth bone.

Taking shelter

Slightly curved mammoth bones made it possible to build solid huts. The tanned leather of animals such as bison covered these huts to make them watertight.


What is a mammoth?

The word "mammoth" comes from the Russian мамонт meaning "mammoth". earth horn ". The mammoth had large, curved tusks.
This animal is a mammal cousin to the elephant, with incredible dimensions. It sometimes weighed more than 12 tonnes and measured nearly 5 metres at the withers.

The prehistoric mammoth living on the Vézère valley was unique in that it was covered with long hair. Otherwise known as the Woolly Mammoth, this animal lived in herds in the steppes of the Périgord. Its coat provided protection from the cold, as the mammoth lived during the last ice age, At the end of the Pleistocene.

Do mammoths still exist?

Unfortunately, global warming has contributed to the extinction of the mammoths?

Over the years, the mammoth species has evolved. Mammals have migrated towards colder regions and left the European and African continents almost 10,000 years ago. Archaeologists have found mammoth bones in the Wrangel region of Siberia that are thought to be only 4,000 years old.

Where can I see some?

If you have read the following paragraph carefully, you will understand that the mammoths present in Vézère valley are reconstructions! Nevertheless, they always impress young and old alike when you walk past them.

Mammoth at the entrance to the Roc de Cazelle©ALR

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