We'll show you some of the best viewpoints in the Vézère valley, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Périgord, which will make you want to come back and see us even more.

At the top of the towers

At Lascaux - Dordogne, we have not one but two magnificent châteaux with completely different views.
Visit Château de LosseHere you'll find a magnificent terrace overlooking the River Vézère. Pay close attention to the floor leading up to this panoramic terrace: it's real stone! adobe !
Further south, the Château de Commarque allows you to enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Périgord Noir. Take the stairs to the top of the dungeon and enjoy a breathtaking view. the Beune valley that stretches out before us. Opposite us is the Château de Laussel, a romantic postcard setting. It's one of the 1001 châteaux the Périgord region can boast.

You said castle, village, cave, cliff, canoe... Of course you've been talking about the Dordogne ever since your stay last year! And yet you've missed out on so much!

A feast for the eyes at Lascaux - Dordogne

The Dordogne is not the highest department in France in terms of altitude, but we do have some beautiful hills. You can discover this by taking our hiking trails !

And yes, panoramic views are rarely found at the bottom of a valley. So grab your boots, your rucksack and let's get going! But where exactly are we going?

Let's set off on a hike from Les Eyzies! We recommend the loop Gorge d'Enfer : Approximately 10 km, starting at the caravan park, along the river, up a hill with a gentle gradient and back along the greenway to the village centre.

Don't forget to look where you're going! It's beautiful, but it's a hike!

And LimeuilDo you know it? We'll take you to Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil. Given the name, do we need to tell you that the view is breathtaking? No, just a photo will do.

Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil

We promise you that the climb up the main street is nothing short of a gentle ordeal as you enter the enchanting gardens. And then there's the climb, which is the lot of all the most picturesque villages in the Périgord Noir: Beynac and Cazenac , La Roque-Gageac, Castelnaud, Belvès, Domme... Shall we continue the list?

If you don't like suffering, don't worry! We've shared with you 2 places where you can park and admire the view:

  • The Côte de JorWe overlook the commune of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézèreone of the most beautiful villages in France. You can even watch paragliders take off if the conditions are right.
  • L'EscaleyrouThis viewpoint, signposted by the Dordogne Departmental Council, offers a panoramic view of the hedged farmland of the Vézère Valley.

Do you prefer a spotlight or a confidential location?

Clearly, we've already shared with you the highlights of tourism in the Périgord Noir. What if we took you to our little secret spots?

Yes, we're lucky enough to be able to enjoy extraordinary landscapes all year round. All you have to do is get on your bike or in your car, drive through a few villages and wham! A viewpoint. And click! A photo.

No, it's not to make you angry, it's just to share?

We are fortunate to have 10 Most Beautiful Villages in France in the Dordogne (Beynac, La Roque-Gageac, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle , Saint-Jean-de-Côle, Monpazier...), including 3 in the Vézère valley. However, many other villages are just as pretty.

On the road toAudrix - the village where the Proumeyssac chasm but not only - just turn your head to admire Le Bugue.

Be careful, we're still on the road! So we continue up to the village square, where the view of the Dordogne valley is breathtaking.

©La Nouvelle Croze

Another hilltop village? There's no shortage of them in Lascaux - Dordogne. We're getting closer to Périgueux and stop off at Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac to discover a martyred village and a viewpoint set up behind the town hall.

In fine weather, you can see all the way to the Massif Central. (In fact, on sunny mornings on the road to Fleurac, you can regularly make out these mountains). Don't forget to visit the esplanade at Le Cheylard before setting off from Rouffignac Saint - Cernin-de-Reilhac the point of view on the Château du Cheylard is also admirable. And the sunsets are well worth the diversions, especially in good company! 

Do you remember the Gorge d'Enfer Les Eyzies mentioned above? If you're looking for more peace and quiet, in the heart of the forest that gives the Périgord Noir its name, it's best to go for a walk in the area around Journiac or Fleurac.

The Péchorel loop or that of la Boissonie take us through the woods and offer a glimpse of the agricultural Dordogne.

It's high time to eat now! The pride of Périgord : gastronomy ! Yes, but with a view of the river, please.

Enjoy a meal at La Belle étoile, a restaurant with an elevated terrace of La Roque-Gageac or at the Maleville restaurant in Beynac and CazenacIt's the perfect place to contemplate the Dordogne if you like company.

But if you prefer a quiet, untamed, perhaps calmer kind of tourism, head for the banks of the Vézère, to Les Pieds dans l'eau in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, for example. Head for the Cingle de Trémolat to get to the Balcons de l'Espérance, after passing through the village of Limeuil. You can also stay in the hotel for a night with a view?

Are you a morning or evening person?

We just can't decide...

Enjoy the sunrise with a meditation on the Côte de Jor, near the Dhagpo Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre or admire the sunset over the reflections of the Vézère at the BugueWhat's the most wonderful time of day in the Dordogne? It's up to you to decide!

As a reminder, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We're not making this up, but it gives you an idea of which shore you should be on, depending on your ability to get up in the morning or enjoy the mildness of our evenings.

In the early hours of the morning, we love the calm of the plain of FleuracWe're not hermits, but sometimes it's good to relax and just enjoy the views over the Dordogne. We're not hermits, but sometimes it's good to relax and just enjoy the views from the Dordogne.

We also love La Madeleine at dusk: the light of the setting sun shining on the stone, a Périgord delight! These magical moments are the start of a wonderful evening of old-time music on offer at the site.

The afternoons aren't bad either!

A little tip in passing:

Caves and chasms are ideal when it's hot outside.
In the Lot, they have the Padirac chasm and its boats. We have the Proumeyssac chasm and its gondola! We're taking you down to the heart of our bowels, well... the bowels of the earth! You'll see how impressive this descent of over 160 metres is, and the view of the concretions is just crazy. Those prone to vertigo are advised to abstain!

Are you prepared to take risks?


Go for a ride to the top of the Big Bird ! What is it? It's an aerial course culminating at a height of 22 metres. Overlooking the river Vézère and the village of Le Bugue.

Here are some other tips for admiring the villages of the Périgord. We promise you that if you fly over the Dordogne in a hot-air balloonYou'll never forget it. And for once, the vertigo is gone! Take off gently in a hot-air balloon. Whether it's an evening or morning flight, you'll be stunned by the views as you soar into the sky.

You can also stay on land and go to in Campagne. We'll leave you to climb the 139 steps of the ladies' staircase. The view is already pretty good halfway up the cliff but... climb a little further... Yes, the little path on the left, then you pass through the rock and BAM! You've reached THE viewpoint. Take a deep breath and enjoy the natural surroundings - you're in the Vézère valley, a setting that has been awarded the "Vézère" label. Grands Sites de France.


We've got a list of "spots" for you in the four corners of the Dordogne with easy access :

  • the Trémolat cingle 
  • the Domme esplanade
  • the gardens of Eyrignac in Salignac
  • the Thouin garden in Périgueux
  • the quays of Bergerac
  • the Bourdeilles esplanade
  • la Roque Saint-Christophe in Peyzac le Moustier
  • the fort at La Roque Gageac
  • the Marqueyssac gardens in Vézac
  • the keep of the Manoir de la Salle in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère
  • Château de Monbazillac
  • Biron castle
  • Hautefort castle
  • Let's stop there, we could mention all the châteaux in Périgord, they all have incredible views!

Why not drop in and see us at the tourist office and let us know what you think?

And when we put the question to the team at the tourist office, here's what they had to say:

  • Route des chènes aux FargesThe view over the valley is splendid, especially when it's cloudy or foggy, you're right above it, it's magical.
  • The sight of Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil
  • La Cote de Jor
  • Place La Loulie in the eveningMauzens and Miremont. On the road to Périgueux from Les Eyzies, the sun sets behind the fortress of Miremont.
  • The sunrise in Fleurac (coming down from Rouffignac before the village)

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