Cité médiévale de Limeuil

Between Bergerac and Sarlat, Limeuil is located on a hill overlooking a bend in the Dordogne, at the confluence with the Vézère. Strategic and easy to defend, its limestone terrace has been occupied since ancient times, by the Magdalenians, the Gauls then the Romans who built an oppidum here and, finally, by lords of the Middle Ages, including Isabeau de Limeuil, cousin of Catherine de Medici.
Classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, Limeuil is divided into two, the port square facing the two rivers which testifies to the prosperity of river trade, the upper village accessible by three gates (port gate, Récluzou gate and du Marquisate). To discover along the steep streets: its houses decorated with crests, its andrones, its stalls, its Panoramic Gardens and, a little outside, the Saint-Martin Chapel, a beautiful Romanesque construction in Périgord.

Rankings; Labels

  • Most beautiful villages in France



  • Picnic area.
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