Village de Mauzens et Miremont

Located between the village of Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil and Rouffignac, Mauzens and Miremont are crossed from north to south by the Manaurie, a small tributary of the Vézère. The perched village of Miremont is home to the majestic Miremont Fortress, with its 12th century Romanesque keep. The village of Mauzens is renowned for its stone quarries. The perched village of Miremont owes its name to an Occitan origin: "mira", for "look" and "mount", used for a high place. It majestically dominates the valley. Its feudal keep, from the 13th century, overlooks collapsed ramparts. The manor houses and bourgeois houses bear witness to the presence of the Forge Masters who once provided a metallurgical industry on the banks of the “Le Manaurie” stream. Further back from the valley, the village of Mauzens retains the warm colors of the stone of the same name.


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