Les Eyzies, world capital of prehistory, is a small village in Périgord Noir in the heart of the Vézère valley in Dordogne, very close to the Lascaux cave and Sarlat.
It is here that prehistory was constructed as a science illustrated by the names of Peyrony, Lartet, Capitan, Abbots Breuil and Glory; here where Cro-Magnon Man was discovered; here we find the world's wonders of cave art, including the last decorated polychrome cave open to the public: Font de Gaume.

It is in Les Eyzies that the National Museum of Prehistory is located, an absolute reference for the Upper Paleolithic and whose collections come largely from the sites and deposits of the Vézère valley. You will also discover the International Prehistory Center and the Cro-Magnon shelter in the heart of the village.

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