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Perigord traditions

In Perigord, we have got a lot of traditions like la Félibrée, here you will find some of them:

La Félibrée

Like every year, this Occitan festival is expected by the tourists and also by a lot of Perigourdians proud of their Occitan language. Real timeless moment of sharing with a mix of music, dance, traditions, joie de vivre. Don’t miss this splendid Perigordian innocent humor! Prior to this event which attracts thousands of people every year, conferences are planned.

Find out the full program as well as practical information on the web site: Félibrée


L’arbre de Mai

This tradition which continues in Périgord has changed somewhat. In the beginning, trees planted in May decorated with ribbons announced the arrival of spring. Now, they remember significant days in family life, in a village or in a group of people. That’s why a lot of “arbres de Mai” are planted in the aftermath of the municipal elections. Most localities preserve this tradition.

You can see one for exemple at Saint-Amand de Coly, next to the tourist office ; at Savignac de Miremont next to the townhall ; at Le Bugue next to the swimming pool ; and many others...

"Faire chabrol ou chabrot"

This Occitan custom consists of putting a small amount of red wine in your bowl to finish the last of your soup. The word: “cabroù” litteraly means “drink as a goat”. This tradition is still very much alive in Périgord and also in Limousin or in Provence. Don’t worry our local gastronomy is not as simple as that!


Eglise de la Douze pour la félibrée
Eglise de la Douze pour la félibrée ©ALR
Félibrée 2015 La Douze