Since 2016, the Tourist Office and the community of municipalities have been working to transform the territory into a sustainable destination of excellence, supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.
From this partnership was born the “Ecotourism in Vézère” charter, created with the help of 2 firms specializing in environment and communication. It is aimed at all tourism stakeholders in the region: accommodation providers, restaurateurs, visiting sites, local producers, artisans, artists, leisure activity providers.

The Vézère valley, on the way to a sustainable tourist destination

To obtain the Eco-charter label, you must respect 24 criteria divided into nine categories: ecolabels, energy, water, waste, purchasing, chemicals, food, landscapes and biodiversity, environmental policy.
This involves controlling water and energy consumption, effectively managing waste,
to buy sustainably and contribute to the local economy, to protect the biodiversity and the environment but also to raise awareness among its employees and visitors.
The label is valid for two years and is controlled through an audit when it is obtained and its

Why create a local ecotourism charter?

There are many labels at the national and/or international level in terms of sustainable tourism:
Green Key, NF Environnement, European Ecolabel, Green Globe. All these certifications are based on a very large number of criteria, leading to heavy administrative procedures with significant financial costs, making them inaccessible to small structures which are the majority in our territory. Furthermore, none of these charters cover sporting activities such as canoe bases.
It is in the face of this observation, and to allow all stakeholders to be part of its concerns and
to show their commitments, that it was decided to create the charter “ Ecotourism in Vézère ».

A network of committed actors!

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Dungeon, Manor and Garden of La Salle


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Launched in November 2019, the charter now brings together more than 15 stakeholders and welcomes each
year of new members. Below, you will find them classified by categories:

  • Restaurant: L’Evidence
  • Leisure site and visits: The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil – L'Appel de la Forêt – Gouffre de Proumeyssac – La Roque St-Christophe – International Center for Cave Art Lascaux IV – Manoir de la Salle – Maison Forte de Reignac
  • Leisure activities: APA canoes
  • Accommodation: La Chênaie du Roc – Au pré des sources – Camping-Hotel La Rivière -Camping Le Paradis – Gîte de Légal – Gîte and Bed and Breakfast Le Bel Orme – Camping L’Offrerie – Camping La Nouvelle Croze – L’Evidence – Le Domaine du Cerneau – Gite Alessentiel – Au deer blanc – La Rolandie Haute
  • Local producers: La Noix de Fougeyrollas – The Ort distillery in Montignac-Lascaux

    To find out more about the charter, go to:

Sites engaged in national and international certifications

The NF Environnement brand:
​This official French ecological label is issued by AFNOR Certification, a certifying body
independent. You can find this logo on different services and products such as paint,
trash bags, coffee filters. This brand is also applicable to visiting sites under the name
from NF Environnement “visiting sites".
Today, the Vézère valley is a pilot territory in France for the NF label
Environment for “visit sites”. Three sites are labeled:
- The Proumeyssac Chasm
- La Roque Saint-Christophe
- Lascaux IV

The European Ecolabel:
It is the only official European ecological label usable in all member countries of the Union.
European. It is issued, in France, by AFNOR Certification. It is a voluntary mark of
certification of products and services. You can find this label on various products such as
wooden furniture, laptops, papers or household products. The Ecolabel
European is also applicable to campsites and tourist accommodation. here are the
certified accommodation in the Vézère valley: 
- Camping Le Paradis 
- Chambon Manor

Green Key:
Created in 1998, it is a voluntary label environmental management for accommodation
tourism on an international scale. Outdoor establishments, hotels, lodges,
guest houses, youth hostels, tourist residences and restaurants
traditional can be labeled. Here are the certified accommodations in the Vézère valley:
- Camping Le Paradis
– Camping Saint-Avit Loisirs
- Vacanceole Le Clos du Rocher
- Camping L'Offrerie
- Camping La Nouvelle Croze

Green Globe:
International sustainable tourism label, specifically designed for travel professionals and
of tourism, it is a certification recognized by the World Tourism Organization and the World
Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).
This label applies to all tourism businesses and organizations. His goal is
to support and reward tourism professionals who adopt management
environmental and social aspects of their activities. Here are the labeled sites in the Vézère Valley:
- Village of Bournat

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