The GPS points with the names of the communes are there to help you find your way around and make your walk more enjoyable.
You'll follow the banks of the River Vézère through charming villages, then discover the scenery on the cliffs, and cross some of our most beautiful forests!


For a good day out or 2 days of discovery

Mode of transport on horseback

Ideal season : spring / summer

Have you tried the Vézère valley on horseback? No ? Then we have
suggests this route, which passes through the village of Le Moustier and follows the Vézère river
to enjoy this gentle, rejuvenating activity while admiring the
specific features of the region. 

Camping Le Paradis


On horseback in Paradise!

You'll set off from the Paradis campsite in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, on the banks of the River Vézère. The campsite owner has a habit of organising horse-riding trips from his "little" Paradis.




Le Pas du Miroir

Walk along the banks of the Vézère and admire the Roque Saint-Christophe. Along the river, you'll have a breathtaking view of this jewel of the Périgord. (Don't go under the bridge on horseback, but follow the road towards Le Moustier).


Drive through the village of Le Moustier

Drive through the village of Le Moustier and you'll discover a local landmark. In the village square, you'll see a magnificent cannon, as it was from this village that cannons from the Ans valley (near Hautefort) were transported to Rochefort by road for the Royal Navy in the 17th century.

on the ruth


Follow the cliff on Le Ruth into the forest

In the village of Le Moustier, head for the Route du Ruth, a small, bucolic road that will take you up to Le Ruth and give you a view of the whole valley. From there, just follow the local path through the forest to Lespinasse.




At Lespinasse, in the commune of Tursac, you'll be close to the troglodyte village of La Madeleine. This must-see is well worth the diversions (there's a farm where you can probably negotiate a little rest for your horse). With or without a visit to La Madeleine, head towards Fleurac and continue on your way.

in the forest on horseback


Through the woods in Fleurac

Slightly uphill, you will follow the small departmental road before again taking the paths through the woods. At the crossroads, take the path on the right.



The loop is closed

Return to the starting point along wide forest paths. You will also have the opportunity to walk along paths lined with small cliffs that will remind you of heroic fantasy films. You will then return to the village of Le Moustier via the Entamnies road, and return to Le Paradis.


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