For a short month in the Dordogne

Mode of transport car / motor home

Ideal season : spring / autumn


Additional recommendation: set aside at least 1 week for the green and white Périgord and a further 2 weeks for the black and purple.

Want to find out all about the Dordogne? Then this itinerary is for you! You'll discover the region's must-sees, including the Lascaux caves, the town of Sarlat, the Bergerac vineyards and the wilder side of the Périgord. Itinerary to the 4 corners of Périgord.

The Green Perigord


Nontron and its cutlery tradition

The town offers a landscape worthy of Tuscany, just look at it! Visit the arts and crafts centre, which showcases original creations in the fields of decoration, fashion and tableware.
Then off to the Nontron cutlery factory. Since 1653, professionals have been perpetuating the expertise that has made this village famous throughout France.


Puyguilhem, the little Chambord

A beautiful Renaissance residence, an exact replica of the great châteaux of the Loire, you'll be amazed by its monumental fireplace decorated with the 12 labours of Hercules and superbly restored.


Vieux Mareuil and/or Boschaud Abbey

Take a stroll around Vieux Mareuil and its superb 13th-century fortified church. Walk along the River Belle to the small wooded valley of the Boschaud Abbey, founded in the 12th century.


Saint-Jean de Côle, one of France's most beautiful villages

This small fortified medieval village, built around an 11th-century Augustinian priory, boasts a charming little Gothic wooden humpback bridge covered with round cobblestones, perfect for a quiet break. There is a superb view of the Château de la Marthonie, which enjoys a privileged natural setting.


Jumilhac le Grand and its Renaissance château

Built on a rocky spur in this valley of the Isle, it shines out powerful and massive. Are you impressed by its roofs? The interior isn't too shabby either! Let yourself be told the story of the little spinner... Emotion guaranteed!


The forges of Savignac-Lédrier

The rural images of the peaceful nature of the Périgord Vert are deceptive. In fact, as early as the 16th century, this rural area became one of the cradles of the iron and steel industry in France!


Brantôme, the Venice of Périgord

Brantôme has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and its architecture bears witness to this: Benedictine abbey, old bell tower, Last Judgement cave. The setting is perfect for a stroll, and the old Coudé bridge over the Dronne offers one of the best views of the abbey.


Bourdeilles Castle

One of the four great châteaux to be granted the title of barony of Périgord!

Comprising 2 châteaux from different eras, this site houses a prestigious collection of furniture and numerous tapestries. Superb!


Ribérac and its domed churches

The Périgord is full of Romanesque churches! Starting in Ribérac, a tour takes you on a journey of discovery of the distinctive architectural features of these domed churches, fortified with a defensive chamber, sometimes with battlements or loopholes!

White Périgord


Parcot Farm

La Ferme du Parcot, in Echourgnac, is a place where you can learn about the rural architecture of the Double region. Left in its original state, it bears witness to the fragility and poverty of the local habitat. Take a trip back in time! Then take the hiking trail linking the Parcot farm to the Jemaye pond.



Périgueux, the capital

Discover the Gallo-Roman archaeological remains on display in a spectacularly illuminated setting at the Vesunna Museum. Then return to the town centre to admire Saint-Front cathedral and its distinctive roofs. A guided tour of the town is recommended to make sure you don't miss out on any of its rich history.

Truffle - product of Périgord
Luc Fauret-Piwigo


The Sorges truffle

Start your visit to Sorges at the Truffle Ecomuseum.

Then follow the truffle trail, which winds for 3 km through the causse. Guided tours of truffle fields, tastings available all year round and truffle-digging demonstrations in season. Bookings required.


Tourtoirac, the geological pearl of Périgord

A spectacle of light and shadow, with thousands of crystallisations (draperies, eccentrics, fistulas), can be seen as you explore this cave, which opened in 2010. It has been awarded the "Tourism and Disability" label, making it easily accessible.


Villars, the cave with 2 faces

A marvel of cave art, it is the only cave in the Périgord to contain both original prehistoric paintings and concretions. In this superb natural setting, don't miss the Magdalenian paintings, marvels of parietal art coated in calcite to give them an incredible bluish hue. Astonishing!

Black Périgord


Elegant Château de Hautefort

With its 365 windows, this château, built in the 16th century, is a typical architectural jewel of the Middle Ages. It overlooks gardens that alternate the rigour of French parterres with the bucolic charm of an English park.


The Imaginary Gardens of Terrasson

An invitation to take a stroll and engage in a dialogue with nature, water and the movement of the wind. The garden combines several gardens into one. When you emerge from the garden, strolling around the church is a pure pleasure: artists and craftspeople have set up shop in the old part of the town, either permanently or for the summer, taking over 13 of the old town's stalls.

Visit LascauxIV


Montignac-Lascaux and the famous cave

Montignac-Lascaux's destiny changed in September 1940 with the discovery of the Lascaux cave. Take the time to stroll through the town and let yourself be carried away by its charm (14th, 15th and 16th century timber-framed houses on stilts).

Visit Montignac-Lascaux

Losse Castle
Chateau de Losse


Losse Castle

Overlooking the Vézère river, Château de Losse plays with time. Admire its medieval walls and moat, and enjoy its exceptional 15th and 16th century furnishings. As an added bonus, enjoy its terraced gardens, which have been listed by the French Ministry of Culture since 2004.

Château de Losse

Urope Agency


La Roque Saint-Christophe

55,000 years of troglodytism for this fortified complex, which undoubtedly dates back to the first centuries of our history, right up to the Renaissance.

Must-See: La Roque Saint-Christophe



The village of La Madeleine

17,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers settled in this rock shelter, the Magdalenian period.

A must: the Madeleine

Town of Les Eyzies


Les Eyzies: museums, caves, prehistoric shelters, castle

A journey through time that spans all eras, the "discovery trail" allows you to explore the village and its various sites on foot. You'll understand why this small village has been dubbed the "world capital of prehistory".

Visit Les Eyzies

Le Bugue, the Bournat park


Le Parc du Bournat

This reconstructed village depicts scenes from rural life and the popular history of Périgord in the late 19th century. Discover traditional trades and crafts through demonstrations, and take advantage of the many activities on offer, including a dramatised tour that's well worth the diversions! You'll need a full day to visit this 8-hectare park.

Parc du Bournat

PCU_Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil_Limeuil_Août22©Agence Urope (20)
Urope Agency


Limeuil, where two rivers meet

A small medieval town that has preserved its gateways. A whole host of lovely surprises await you! The Panoramic Gardens, of course, or the Romanesque chapel of St Martin, the church of St Catherine, but also a whole adventure in these steep streets.

Visit Limeuil


Cadouin and its cloister

A masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic art, the Cistercian abbey founded in 1115 and its cloister will leave you breathless!


Saint-Cyprien, a pleasant surprise

A small town full of character where it's easy to enjoy a stroll. Take a stroll up the steep streets to admire the many fine houses.

August 2011 - Félibrée Belvès(8)


Belvès, on its promontory

It's known as the village of 7 bell towers, and you'll soon see why! A visit to the underground dwellings that provided protection and shelter is a moving experience, not to be missed!

©Dordogne Libre


La Roque-Gageac, "Most Beautiful Villages in France

The beautiful Perigordian houses on the sunniest slopes of the Dordogne valley are well worth a visit, so take a stroll through the narrow streets!

Visit La Roque Gageac

CDT Dordogne


Castelnaud Castle

Built on a rocky outcrop opposite its great rival, Beynac, its haughty silhouette dominates the Dordogne valley and the village of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, listed as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France".

Visit Castelnaud Castle in the Dordogne

PCU_Esplanade Domme_July 2020©Le Manoir du Chambon
Le manoir du chambon


Domme and its panorama

Don't miss this stopover in a village listed as one of France's Most Beautiful Villages, and take a stroll to the Barre de Domme, a promontory with a panoramic view over the Dordogne valley.

Visit Domme

Chateau de Beynac
The Manoir du Chambon


Château de Beynac

An emblematic fortress of the Sarladais region and the Dordogne valley, it seems to spring from the rock. When you visit it, you'll understand why it has been chosen by so many film-makers!

Visit Beynac

Sarlat by night ©FlickR - Philippe Moreau
©FlickR - Philippe Moreau


Sarlat, the medieval city

It's the must-see site in the Périgord Noir! The town is a huge film set, with some superb remains still intact.

Visit Sarlat

Purple Périgord

Déclic et Décolle


Monpazier, a fortified town with 32 listed buildings

A 13th-century bastide that has stood the test of time. You'll love strolling through its arcades and discovering its small craft shops.

Visit the bastides


Biron Castle

Barony of Périgord, a splendid monumental complex that has been used as a set for several films.


Saint-Avit Sénieur

A small village dominated by the imposing structure of its fortified church, well worth a visit!
For a pleasant, relaxing break.


Beaumont du Périgord

This bastide has preserved its cornered houses, the remains of its walls and, above all, its enormous fortified church, which looks like a citadel.



This medieval town on the edge of the Lot-et-Garonne region has a lot to offer: within its sublime architecture you'll find a host of stalls, narrow streets and beautiful half-timbered houses.

Vineyards - Dordogne-périgord


Monbazillac Castle

A château of harmony and nobility, just like the prestigious vineyard that bears its name. Before reaching the vaulted cellars that protect the great vintages and having a good time in the wine museum, you will visit the rooms dedicated to Protestantism in the Bergerac region.

Bergerac wines

Bergerac - Riverside
©joe_47mns -Pixabay


Bergerac, the town of Cyrano

A town of art and history, stroll through a maze of charming streets and squares. Look up to admire the half-timbering, pointed windows and elaborate doorways...

Wine, bastides and Bergerac

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