For a long weekend

Mode of transport : bike / car

Ideal season : spring/autumn

Recommended starting point : Montignac-Lascaux

Do you like villages with character, but away from the crowds? The Vézère valley is full of charming villages, each offering exceptional views over the surrounding unspoilt countryside. A maze of narrow streets in Plazac, or a hike in Tursac to discover the region's heritage... A rejuvenating programme awaits you.

DAY 01

Lascaux Dordogne Vézère Valley


Village of Coly-Saint-Amand

Just a stone's throw from the Lascaux cave in the Dordogne and 20km from Sarlat, the beautifully restored village of Coly-Saint-Amand (Saint-Amand-de-Coly) is listed as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France". The village features a number of houses and dovecotes typical of the Périgord Noir region, but above all a majestic 12th-century abbey church considered to be the most beautiful fortified church in France...

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Dan Courtice - Sémitour Périgord


Lascaux IV - International Centre of Cave Art

In the Périgord Noir region, the Lascaux cave is a masterpiece of prehistoric art, with frescoes depicting around 600 animals (horses, bulls, deer, cats, etc.) and enigmatic signs. The site is now being rediscovered at the Centre International de l'Art Pariétal, an area of over 8,000 m² at the foot of Lascaux hill. This...

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Viewpoint at l'Escaleyrou in Aubas

Exceptional panorama

A panoramic viewpoint situated on a steep cliff called "Le Bout du Monde", l'Escaleyrou dominates the Vézère valley. From here you can see the valley, the plains and the breathtaking view over the river.

DAY 02

Village of Fanlac



Meet Jacquou le Croquant

The maze of little streets in Fanlac is one of the jewels of the Vézère valley, and the roads leading to and from it will take you to the high points of the valley and their many viewpoints as you descend to the village of Plazac.



Créations Cuir de Poisson - Kristof Mascher

In the heart of the charming little village of Fanlac, you'll find the workshop of Mr Kristof Mascher, an artisan leatherworker showcasing his exceptional and unique work. Mr Mascher works with vegetable-tanned fish leather, an ancestral Siberian technique that has been rediscovered and modernised. These fish hides are inlaid in full grain cowhide to create a unique leather look.

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A.P.A Canoes

A.P.A is located in St-Léon-sur-Vézère, one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France", and offers the most picturesque course on the Vézère. With 7 routes, from 4 to 30 km, A.P.A lets you admire the prestigious sites along the Vézère river at your own pace (Château de Losse, Castel Merle, Le Conquil, La Roque Saint...

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DAY 03




The enchanted cemetery

In the narrow streets of Plazac, discover the renovated church and its medieval cemetery (be careful, it's uphill!).



The Côte de Jor

At the top, you can admire the view of the village of Saint-Léon sur Vézère below and the meandering Vézère river.

The cliffs on the banks of the Vézère at Saint Léon.
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Eating out in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère

Lunch on the banks of the Vézère. Take advantage of the restaurants of the village where you can bring your own picnic, with tables available in the town centre.


Saint Léon sur Vézère, small village lane. The carreirous, these little village lanes transport you back to another era.
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Among the most beautiful narrow streets in France

Discover Saint-Léon on the banks of the Vézère, with its narrow streets, Romanesque church and medieval manor house.

DAY 04

Château de Belcayre



Stop opposite Belcayre Castle

Chateau de Belcayre has a unique charm, perched high above the river.
Not open to visitors, it can be admired from the left bank of the Vézère before heading off for a bite to eat.

Sergeac_Auberge du Peyrol


Auberge du Peyrol in Sergeac

We eat well at Jeanine's!

Traditional and authentic, you'll never be disappointed by this local cuisine!




Discover the Templar lanes

You will find an authentic Templar commandery and its fortified church in the narrow streets of Sergeac. You can also walk down to the river or continue on to the prehistoric site of Castel-Merle.

DAY 05



Notre-Dame de Fontpeyrine in Tursac

A discreet miracle

Following a road through sublime scenery, you will arrive, hidden in the woods, at the small 15th-century chapel of Fontpeyrine, erected in honour of a miracle. The nearby spring is sacred, and its water is the subject of numerous ex-voto offerings.



Prehistory interpretation centre

The Prehistory Interpretation Centre at Les Eyzies in the Dordogne welcomes you to the heart of the Vézère valley, occupied by man for 400,000 years. Nestling on the outskirts of the village on the way to the Lascaux cave and Sarlat, it's the ideal place to find out about, understand and learn about...

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Town of Les Eyzies


Les Eyzies

The lanes of prehistory

Don't hesitate to visit us at the Tourist Office, where you can follow a discovery trail through the narrow streets of the World Capital of Prehistory.

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