Papillon, itineraries to discover the fauna in the valley

For an ideal week with children!

Mode of transport : car

Ideal season : all season!

Recommended starting point : Coly-Saint-Amand

A week of vacation discovering theme parks where prehistoric animals (present in the caves or at Thot) will give way to living animals. Whether through a hike to see animals in their natural environment or at the Aquarium du Périgord Noir, your children will be delighted to meet our animal friends.

DAY 01


Step 1: Walk to Coly

Step 1: Walk to Coly


Short walk to start

Discover the small Coly loop starting from the village square. An hour's walk through the edge, wooded area and dry lawn which will allow you to admire crickets, dragonflies or orchids depending on the season...

Step 2: Visit to Coly-Saint-Amand

©Agence Urope

One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

A must for all lovers of architecture and vernacular heritage! L'abbey is impressive and the village streets are charming.

Step 3: Picnic on the banks of the Vézère

Picnic table on the banks of the Vézère in Montignac

An overview of Montignac-Lascaux

Sit on the right bank, near the new bridge, lawns await you with a view of the Vézère. Observe the birds lying in the grass, it's great! If you prefer a little more comfort, walk along this shore to the north and sit on the picnic tables, near the mini-golf course.

Step 4: Mini golf Saint-Pierre Loisirs


Mini golf Saint-Pierre Leisure

In the heart of the Vézère valley in Dordogne, 2km from the Lascaux cave of Montignac-Lascaux and very close to the Hôtel de la Roseraie, discover a flowered park a mini golf course 18 holes on soft surface, pétanque court, ping-pong, old-fashioned games and a free playground reserved for customers.

DAY 02


Stage 1: Lascaux IV

Stage 1: Lascaux IV

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The International Center for Cave Art

In Périgord Noir, the Lascaux Cave is a masterpiece of prehistoric art with frescoes representing around 600 animals (horses, bulls, deer, felines, etc.) and enigmatic signs. The site can be rediscovered today at International Center for Cave Art, space of more than 8000m² at the foot of the Lascaux hill.

Step 2: Bois Bareirou duck farm – P. Catinel

The Bois Bareirou farm, a natural outdoor duck and geese farm located in Montignac-Lascaux, near the Lascaux cave, is more than just a farm. A true farmer producer, Patrick Catinel, raises and feeds his animals with what he produces on his land.

Bonus: Summer evening country meal from Monday to Friday.

Step 3: Visit to Montignac-Lascaux

©image tailor
Town of Montignac

A discovery trail so you don’t miss anything

The village of Montignac-Lascaux does not only have the Lascaux cave (and its famous bulls) but also a rich heritage on both sides of the river.

A city map awaits you on our website or in our information office in the city center  

A Terra Aventura course is available on the application. Your children will love it!

DAY 03


Step 1: The Rouffignac Cave

Step 1: The Rouffignac Cave

The Cave of Rouffignac is one of the largest decorated caves known, with eight kilometers of gallery. First frequented by the cave bear, it was decorated, around 15000 years ago, by prehistoric artists who drew and engraved more than 250 representations of bison, horses, ibex, etc.

Step 2: Meal at home Vilatte Plassard


Estate located in Rouffignac, 1km from the Cave of a Hundred Mammoths. Artisanal production of products based on goose and duck fat: foie gras, pâtés, terrines, confits, as well as a wide range of cooked dishes.

Stage 3: Biodiversity walk, the Herm loop

The Herm loop n°34 in Rouffignac

In the footsteps of Jacquou le Croquant, this loop without much difficulty alternates between woods and fields, ideal for a short stroll!

DAY 04


Step 1: The panoramic gardens of Limeuil

Step 1: The panoramic gardens of Limeuil

An unforgettable panorama

Located on the site of the old fortified castle at the top of a village classified as “Most Beautiful Villages of France”, the gardens overlook the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. Since 2004, the Au Fil du Temps association has been restoring it and installing new educational, fun and interactive gardens with thematic interpretation trails.

Bonus : An Escape Game can be discovered on site for an investigation with friends or family!

Step 2: Brasserie la Lutine

Cool break for parents!

Before leaving for an afternoon of games and laughter with the elves, we discover how Limeuilloise beer is made. Located on the side of the road towards the next stage.

To be consumed in moderation of course!

Step 3: The Elves’ Wood

©Le Bois des Lutins
The elves’ wood at Le Bugue

Relaxation and bursts of laughter guaranteed

We have fun looking for elves, fairies and gnomes while following an aerial route through century-old trees.

DAY 05


Step 1: The Périgord Noir Aquarium

Step 1: The Périgord Noir Aquarium

Instapades – OT Lascaux Dordogne

The biggest freshwater aquarium from Europe

Over more than 4m², discover more than 000 pools and more than 70 animals including the most beautiful collection of sturgeons in Europe.

Bonus: VIP tours allow you to feed carp, myocastors, reptiles and even alligators!

Step 2: Restaurant Les Plaisirs Gourmands

A place that exudes conviviality and good cuisine…

Savor bistronomic dishes where tradition meets originality and where each ingredient is carefully chosen for its freshness and quality.

Step 3: Electric bike ride on the greenway

©Agence Urope
LOI_VAE_Les Eyzies_August22©Agence Urope (17)

We need to eliminate (a little) now!

Do you have your own bikes? Let's go ! You hadn't planned? Carefree. Rentals are possible in the town of Bugue. Observe the river, white and black swans regularly wander in the area.

DAY 06


Step 1: The Prehistory Interpretation Center

Step 1: The Prehistory Interpretation Center

Located in Les Eyzies, the Prehistory Interpretation Center welcomes you to the heart of the Vézère valley, occupied by humans for 400 years. It is the ideal place to learn about and understand the heritage, cultural and landscape resources of the valley.

Step 2: Visit the village of Les Eyzies

Town of Eyzies

Who is this man watching us?

The statue of Neanderthal man catches the eye from the first moment in Les Eyzies! Set out to attack the Rue du Moyen-Âge, stroll the banks of the Vézère and fall under the spell of the hamlet of Tayac. Les Eyzies it is a vast village to discover.

Step 3: The Préhistoparc


Journey to the heart of our origins at the Préhistoparc

Nestled in a haven of greenery and located between two cliffs of the Vézère valley, you will discover life-size scenes of the daily life of the first Neanderthal hunter-gatherers and Cro-Magnon men.

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