mountain biker on the Vézère Valley greenway in Dordogne
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For a long weekend – 3 days / 2 nights

Mode of transport : bike

Ideal season : Spring fall

Recommended starting point : Les Eyzies

Accommodation method : Camping

Circuit type : in daisy

For a weekend, come and discover the Vézère Valley by bike. An ideal destination to recharge your batteries and fill up on discoveries. Between preserved nature, prehistoric treasures, authentic villages and passionate artisans, the Vézère Valley is the promise of an unforgettable experience.

DAY 01 – option n°1:
Well-kept local heritage and know-how

mountain biker on the Vézère Valley greenway in Dordogne
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👉 Arrive by train in Les Eyzies in the morning and settle in at Camping 4⭐ La Rivière for three days. 

Just a few meters from your accommodation, you can rent electrically assisted bicycles from VélO Bison for two consecutive days.

Help: You can also arrive the day before by train for more peace of mind.

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Bugue market on the town hall square


From Les Eyzies, take the greenway to Le Bugue. Crossed by the river, this village is known for its local market which has punctuated the daily lives of residents for nearly eight centuries. A moment of conviviality and sharing, it's the perfect opportunity to fill your picnic basket with delicious local products. 

GOOD TO KNOW : A stop at Bugue station!
For your return to Les Eyzies, you can take the train to Le Bugue.
The station is located 2 km from the village, on avenue de la gare towards Campagne. Remember to check the crossing times.

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Viewpoint over the panoramic gardens of Limeuil in Dordogne
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Cycle a few more kilometers to join Limeuil, confluence of the Vézère and the Dordogne. An ideal setting for a well-deserved lunch break, at the water's edge. Classified as the Most Beautiful Villages of France, you can explore its streets with the typical charms of Périgord Noir. They will lead you to Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil, a true haven of peace. By following its paths, you will discover its thematic gardens and its beautiful viewpoints.  

End your excursion with a meeting with the local artisans. Nicolas, the village glassblower, will share his profession and his know-how with you with passion. Only a few minutes by bike from the village, the La Lutine brewery will reveal to you all the secrets of making their craft beer.

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DAY 01 – option n°2:
Beauty of nature and time travel

Cyclists on the greenway looking at the cliffs of Les Eyzies
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Au departure from Les Eyzies, take the Greenway to join the Countryside departmental domain. Classified as a Remarkable Garden, it offers a moment of tranquility and immersion in unspoilt nature. Walk through the vegetable garden, the labyrinth and around the castle (not open to visitors) to discover all the beauty of the place. For the most curious, the Dames staircase will take you to the shelters in the cliff, offering a unique view of the park. 

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


End your morning in Campagne with lunch at castle restaurant. You will taste gourmet dishes highlighting local products and local cuisine. 


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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


To continue your day of discovery, two adventures are available to you: 

See you in 1900 with a visit to the Bournat at Bugue : a reconstruction of a village of yesteryear. Enter the school or the mill and have fun on the fairground rides. You will discover old trades by meeting the artisans of the park. An immersive experience to go back in time and immerse yourself in the lively life of the villages of yesteryear in Périgord Noir.

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Proumeyssac chasm in the Vézère valley


Explore the underworld with an expedition to GProumeyssac offering* to Audrix. Nicknamed the “Crystal Cathedral”, you will be amazed by the lighting revealing the beauty of its crystallizations. A descent in a basket allows you to relive the emotion of the first explorations in the chasm.


*Reservation required during summer

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DAY 02
Artisanal discoveries and relaxation along the water

Aerial view of Saint-Léon sur Vézère
The Coflocs


After collecting your picnic from Marie-Paule and Amandine from Camping La Rivière, take your bike to go to Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère. Located on a meander of the river, this emblematic village is classified as the Most Beautiful Villages of France. You will appreciate its narrow streets, its Périgord houses made of blond stone and its Romanesque church classified as a Historic Monument.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


During your discovery of the village, you will be able to meet local artisans and their unique know-how. Chantal, ceramist potter, opens the doors of her workshop to you Creations La Sagitterre. She will share her passion for pottery with you. A stone's throw from his shop, Olivier, jewelry creator and sculptor, will welcome you to his Piqoli workshop. Admire his meticulous work and unique creations.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


To complete your day, there's nothing like a peaceful canoe trip on the Vézère. Head to the base Canoes APA for a walk of a few kilometers between Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère and La Roque Saint-Christophe. For history buffs, an audio guide is at your disposal. Guided by the voices of naturalists, prehistorians and lords, immerse yourself in captivating stories recounting the close link between man and the river, since the dawn of time.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley
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La Roque Saint Christophe: a unique troglodytic site! 

Shaped by time and bad weather, this imposing limestone cliff once hosted nearly a hundred rock shelters on its vast aerial terraces. Since prehistoric times, these natural cavities have been occupied by humans, then developed over the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, to become a remarkable troglodyte city.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


👉After your canoe descent, you will be picked up by Canoës APA at the Tursac nautical stop. Then simply get back on your bikes to reach Les Eyzies.

Don't forget to return your bikes to VélO Bison.


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DAY 03
Exploration of the treasures of Les Eyzies: world capital of Prehistory

Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley
Free Dordogne


Start this day with a visit to the National Museum of Prehistory. A reference place for the conservation and dissemination of knowledge, you will discover rich collections tracing 400 years of our history. From its panoramic terrace, you will admire the valley and its cliffs. 

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley
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Prehistory Interpretation Center : a gateway to the wealth of our territory!

Place of information on site visits and interpretation: discover the heritage and remarkable landscapes of the Grand Site de France Vallée de la Vézère. It is the ideal place to learn, understand and learn about the richness of our heritage resources.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


Extend your immersion in history with a guided tour of the Font-de-Gaume cave*. Renowned for its polychrome paintings and engravings, it constitutes one of the most remarkable Paleolithic sanctuaries in the world. No less than 200 representations adorn its walls. Bison, mammoths and even reindeer take shape before your eyes and offer a striking testimony to the art of the first men.

*Reservation required in advance.

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Bike escape weekend in the Vézère valley


To continue this discovery of our hidden treasures, go to the Grand Roc cave. A true mineral forest, it is the only concretion cave listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers an intimate and exceptional visit to the underground world.

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Greeters Vézère Valley ©A.Borderie
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Guided tour with a greeter: discovery of the village and life story. 

Passionate about Eyzies, Francis will accompany you in discovering the village. 

He will tell you the story of the village of yesteryear, its memories and its anecdotes.

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