Your vacation is planned, your suitcases are packed, all you have to do is choose your means of transport to get to the Dordogne and organize your trips there.

Coming to the Dordogne is easy!

No matter where you come from in France, Périgord Noir is easily accessible by car. We are 2 hours drive from Bordeaux and Toulouse, 4 hours from Lyon and 5 hours from Paris. No more excuses for not coming to put your luggage in the Dordogne.

1- By taking your car and by taking the highways you will quickly arrive in Périgord Noir.
If you are leaving Paris or Toulouse, take the A20:

  • from Paris, take exit 51 towards Périgueux, Brive, Terrasson and Montignac-Lascaux
  • from Toulouse, take exit 56 towards Aurillac, Sarlat and Figeac

If you come from Lyon or Bordeaux take the A89 and leave the motorway at exit 17, in Thenon.

2- Do you prefer to take the plane? The flight time will give you the opportunity to refine the program of your stay in Périgord Noir. The two closest airports are Brive-la-Gaillarde and Bergerac. You will only be a few minutes away from your vacation in Dordogne.

3- You can also choose to come by train. Several lines serve the Périgord Noir.

  • Line 32: Bordeaux > Périgueux > Brive-la-Gaillarde leads to Thenon, La Bachellerie, Condat-sur-Vézère and Terrasson stations.
  • Line 33: Bordeaux > Sarlat-la-Canéda takes you to the small stations of Buisson-de-Cadouin and Saint-Cyprien, near the Vézère and Dordogne valleys.
  • Line 34: Limoges > Agen stops at Les Eyzies and Le Bugue stations;
  • From Paris, consider the Paris-Bordeaux TGV, which will allow you to reach New Aquitaine in just a few hours.

How to get around in Périgord Noir?

Now you are there: the car remains the simplest means of transport to get around the Vézère valley and wander throughout the Dordogne to discover our beautiful destination. The roads of Périgord Noir are pleasant and allow you to admire the landscapes. You can even contemplate certain tourist sites such as the troglodyte sites on the side of cliffs or the castles of the Dordogne without getting out of your car. Let yourself be guided along the roads and let yourself be charmed by the beauty of the landscapes that pass before your eyes.

If you do not have a car, other services are offered to allow you to make the most of your stay in Périgord Noir. For example, you can take advantage of coach lines regional set up by Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Several lines serve the whole of Périgord Noir and even beyond:

  • Line n°7: Périgueux > Montignac-Lascaux > Sarlat-la-Canéda
  • Line n°8: Montignac-Lascaux > Terrasson > Brive-la-Gaillarde

In summer, summer lines strengthen the network and make travel easier:

  • Line no. 13: Sarlat-la-Canéda > Les Eyzies
  • Line No. 14: Dordogne Valley
  • Line No. 15: Vézère Valley

To get around in Périgord Noir, it is also possible to take a cab. Several taxis are present in the area and are ready to take you from one point to another to allow you optimal discovery of the Vézère valley and its surroundings. You need more information about a taxi, contact us.

Gentle alternatives that respect the territory

Other so-called eco-mobility alternatives also allow you to travel within our territory and its surroundings. In the Vézère Valley, you can opt for a trip to electric bicycle, available to visitors in certain towns such as Le Bugue, Les Eyzies or Montignac-Lascaux. The small secondary roads will lead you from village to village.

For those who love traveling without assistance, why not take the hiking trails or take advantage of the river to go down in a canoe. It's much better than staying in the campsite swimming pool, you can enjoy the sun just as much, but you also have the view!

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