Solo, with family or friends, traveling our roads becomes accessible! Whatever your level, the Vézère valley will surprise you with each pedal stroke with the diversity of its landscapes.

Travel the area effortlessly thanks to the electric bikes available in the valley!

The service of electric bikes (VAE) set up in the Vézère valley allows you to travel on the roads of Dordogne from:

  • Montignac-Lascaux
  • Rouffignac Saint-Cernin
  • Les Eyzies
  • Le Bugue

These bikes offered for rental are MP-Bike bikes (Swiss brand, assembled in Europe), robust and ergonomic. They are provided by the company Green-On. They are equipped with a central motor and a battery integrated into the frame, a technique which allows better weight distribution and therefore better balance of the bike, for greater safety.

To combine relaxation and effort, the electric assistance only assists you when you pedal. Our bikes have 4 levels of assistance, and a average range of 40 to 70 km, depending on the topography and the assistance used. The screen located on the handlebars shows you your battery gauge, your current speed and the distance traveled. Each bike is equipped with a integrated basket with a front attachment and anti-theft system

You have your own electric bike

It will be useful to you on our roads. These are certainly not mountain roads, but our roads sometimes present actual height differences !

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La D706 is the tourist route which runs along the Vézère. It allows you to pass through Le Bugue, Les Eyzies, in front of the Forte House of Reignac, Roque Saint-Christophe among others. It takes you to Montignac-Lascaux, however it is very busy during the summer period by camper vans, leisure vehicles, canoe transport buses, farmers in the sector, etc. This is why we we do not necessarily recommend this route to cyclists who want to get from point A to point B.
The secondary roads are less frequented and just as pretty. The community of municipalities has implemented alternative routes in closed circuits or roaming.

Discover cycle routes of the Vézère valley!

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